250 kt Speed Restriction Question

Is there a “grace period” of, say, 2 kts above 250 below 10,000? Meaning you can go up to 252 kts before getting a warning.

If there’s not, I feel like there should be one because in real life ATC is not likely to ask about 1-2 kt overspeeds. Plus, if you put 250 as your speed below 10,000 it has the tendency to go to 251.

Note: The reason I’m asking is because I haven’t tested it out myself yet.


If you go over 250 knots you have until you get to 260 knots until the warning pops up then you have 20 seconds to correct yourself, this is from my personal experience.


Hm, sometimes my auto throttle overspeeds a little and goes up to about 255-257 knots and slows back down and I get the warning :/


I suggest going up to 245 knots or even better 240 knots I usually start at 230 then 240 then after 10,000 feet 260 to confirm that there are no glitches then speed up to my cruise speed and I never get speed violation warning.


Yeah, I’ve just seen that in real circumstances in like pilot POV videos they usually set speed to about 250. I usually set mine to 240 but I’m wondering if I can speed things up a little.

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Well there is no way of removing it or changing it, what you could do is to manually change the speed until above 10,000 feet.

Yep, which is why I’m asking if there’s a small grace period so I don’t have to worry about warnings/violations if I put my speed at 250.

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20 seconds is the time to correct yourself.

There’s plenty of time, and going 2 kts over won’t set off any instant alarms or anything

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You have within 10 knots to comply just as real life speed adjustments/rules. This means 259 will not get you a violation but 260 will.

Hm ok… I will test that out now.

Okay, here’s what I’ve found. Anything from 250-259 is fine, except once you hit anything 260+ it will give you a warning and you have to go back down to under 250, not 259.

I set my speed to 250 and it way overshot it and got to 265, luckily I got it back down in enough time. But yeah. It seems like the grace period is 250-259 under 10,000 feet.

That said, the restriction is there for a reason, both in IF and in RWA.

Finding that you can fly at 259 doesn’t mean you should fly at 259.


I know, I’m just stating what you can and can’t do.

Ya I agree with you I do the same thing

If you keep a good positive climb rate v/s and good thrust settings while keeping Flap 1 you are most likely not going to pass 250 kts, until you reduce the climb rate and put flaps back at 0 then you will see your speed increasing even without adding thrust.

I personally don’t use auto throttle until near or at my cruise level. The main reason is the throttle in IF always jumps to around 50% making it very abrupt and unrealistic. If I hold at 6000ft i will hold my speed at 250kts never had a problem with that. As some have said above, 251-4 wont result in any warnings but best advice is to monitor the speeds as a pilot would IRL 👍🏼

Good idea, but as I said above anything 250-259 is ok.

Absolutely, just worth always monitoring it as it’s not worth a violation for the sake of pushing boundaries

Yep, exactly.