250+ below 10,000

Hi there, here’s a little fun feature to add to atc interactions in Infinite Flight.

Say, you were a Heavy 777-300ER, KLAX-WSSS, You got 14hrs of fuel onboard. You takeoff and you see 250 is a bit slow for you, you’re barely in the sky and your a bit worried than you might fall out of the sky, introduce the 250+ below 10,000.
An atc request where you can contact atc, and say, “Hey, I’m too heavy, maybe could I do 300 Below 10,000” and the atc goes “Sure, Go ahead, but dont exceed 300, contact 00.000 Departure goodday” and you go on your merry way to one of the best cities in the world, Now wouldn’t that be nice.

Why would one fall out of the sky at 250 kts?


That’s not that realistic, planes usually would fly below that speed below 10,000ft because of safety reasons like for example, driving 60 km/h in a school zone, safety


When you’re decently+ heavy, 250 may not cut it for a safe airspeed.

I think this would be great and realistic, as high speed climbs are requested and granted often irl. In fact, in Infinite Flight, ATC can tell you to do exactly what you’re asking, but it’s a system limitation to stick to 250kts or below under 10,000. It isn’t up to ATC currently.

But it would likely be abused unfortunately, especially on descent. One way ATC is able to keep a nice sequence on approach is by knowing everyone will be 250kts or below under 10,000… if this restriction goes away, ATC would likely have to give way too many speed commands and become a bit overwhelmed.

Additionally, uncontrolled airports could potentially become completely out of control because of users going far too fast.


Ive been on fr24 and listening on liveatc, and ive sometimes heard heavies ask to go higher than 250 below 10 thousand.

It would only apply on departure, not decent.

I’m afraid that it would be a bit difficult for the devs to code that it’s allowed on departure but not descent, but maybe not , who knows

Also, here’s a scenario where it’s actually necessary while climbing


I think you are right, speeding climb would be better then speeding up below 10,000ft

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Due to physics, the higher ths vs, the more speed you need to maintain a safe speed, so this contradicts the whole thing because if you want to climb, say 3800 to get to 10,000 faster, you will need a higher speed, but you cant because of you cant go faster than 250 below 10,000, and unless you have a rocket 757, you wont be able to viable do that, and even less of a chance when you’re transpacific level heavy.

OR, you could just climb with low VS 250kts until 10,000ft


This sounds cool voted :)

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I don’t think the OP needs to read the User Guide here… we’re talking realism, where high speed climbs are a real thing


Do people here not know high speed climb outs are a thing?


Be kind about it. Not everyone my know about them, some people learned a new thing.


Nope, not me atleast. That’s what great about the IFC you learn new things all the time 🤩


I live under the departing flight path of KSAN, there is a reason planes do not exceed 260 knots under FL100.

It’s like making the skies into the german autobahn, now how safe does that sound? And speaking of sound, even if a plane is using minimum power on takeoff its still louder than what it would be flying at roughly 200kts vs 250+.

This a game, not real life, dont worry.

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Preventable or intensional mid-air collisions in IF can actually get you into trouble, I understand you may want to travel faster but theres ways you can also work around the 260kt< @ FL100< rule such as

The “10,100” trick, flying at 10,100 until its absolutely necessary to decend and slow down.

Base yourself out of high elevation airports

Learn to time your flights better so you don’t feel the need to land so quickly i.e: useage of hours till calculators, working around IRL activites more efficiently

Or just fly in the casual server