25 Years Ago: The World's First Commercial Boeing 777 Flight

Exactly 25 years ago, United Airlines flew the first commercial 777 flight.

On May 17, 1995, Boeing and United celebrated the delivery of the world’s first Boeing 777. This aircraft was a Boeing 777-200 registered as N777UA.

Weeks later on June 7, 1995, United Airlines operated the inaugural revenue service with the Boeing 777 from London Heathrow to Washington IAD.

This aircraft is still in United’s fleet. However, due to COVID-19, it was temporarily grounded but is back in service.

Here’s a video of the inaugural 777 flight. This was footage from 1995 so… it’s really questionable…

The Original:

The “Blue Tulip” Livery:

United/Continental Merger:

The Future United:

Three years later in May 1998, Cathay Pacific took delivery of the first 777-300.

Eventually, Air France took delivery of the first 777-300ER and 777F, and Pakistan International Airlines took delivery of the first 777-200LR.

Boeing 777 Future:

As of today, Boeing has delivered over 1,600 777s to over 65 customers.

Now, the 777X is Boeing’s latest 777 Family aircraft and will represent the manufacturer’s future.

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Would be nice to drop the 777 rework today, or on June 7. Probably not gonna happen lol 🤔

If you guys need a route to fly when the 777 rework drops, try out London Heathrow to Washington IAD with United’s old livery.

Huge congrats to Boeing on 25 years of this successful aircraft!


Probably a stupid question, but if N777UA was first, does that mean N778 was second, and N779UA third?

It bounced around


👏👏👏 very nice


Dang, I flew on N779UA last summer so I was hoping it would be the third oldest lol


the 777 is so graceful

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Wow! Such a great plane. Can’t believe it’s that old or that United is flying it.

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Oh yeah that has to be the Newark Port.

Either way great post, glad to see topics like this! Keep up the amazing work @Ishrion :D


Exactly 25 years ago, United Airlines operated the world’s first commercial 777 flight from London Heathrow to Washington Dulles.

Here’s a video of the inaugural 777 flight, UA921. This was footage from 1995 so… be warned.

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I saw a plane above me, looked at FR24, and how about that, the Elderly N777UA it is

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I’m still hoping to fly on the 777 soon! Such an amazing aircraft

My parents house is next to LHR and I remember standing on Terminal 4 hill watching it depart with my dad, I remember him commenting on how big the wingspan was on it.🙂

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The first ever 777 I flew was a Battleship Grey United 777-200 back in 2010. And I was a happy guy. The seats were absolutely comfortable. If I remember correctly, I believe the flight was from KORD to OGG.

According to Flight Aware: N777UA is still flying. 😍😍😍


image image image

N777UA is currently at FL400 Inbound to LAX from Newark

I’m actually glad it’s still flying. 😅

I believe this was the first 777 I flew on.

Pretty cool if you ask me

Absolutely dude! 😉

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wow still in action!Amazing!