25 years after El Al flight 1862

It’s today 4 October exactly 25 years after the worst crash in aviation history for the Netherlands. El Al 1862 was a 747-200 cargo plane that flew from New York to Tel Aviv with a stop in Amsterdam. In Amsterdam it refueled and more cargo was loaded aboard. At the plane there were 3 crew members and 1 passenger.

18:22 local time, the plane took off from Amsterdam towards Tel Aviv, there were no problems, it was just a bit windy. The plane had PAMPUS departure and so the first turn was to the right.
18:27 the pilots declared an emergency, they lost engine 3 and 4, at the time they didn’t knew that the engines Literally fell off the plane. This happend because on off the pins that connect the engine with the plane broke, because off metal fatigue.


Even worse, while the inner engine broke off the plane it took the outer engine with it.

Pilots ATC message: mayday, mayday, mayday El Al 1862 lost number 3 and number 4 engine.
The pilots chose runway 27 to land, no one knows why they did chose this runway, it was a strange choice, because off the strong tailwind.

18:35 the plane crashed into a flat, 39 people at the ground were killed and 4 people in the plane.

The building.

See here the full ATC communication with radar.

(It’s hard to hear that last words of the captain, “we’re going down, we’re going down.”)

What caused the crash?
How is it possible the pilot flew the approach route but then suddenly lost control?
Since the right wing was heavily damaged it created less lift. When the pilots slowed down this effect became even worser. The plane turned to the right and crashed.

Still today people suffer from this accident. The lost ones will never be forgotten. Also there are people that lost their jobs, after they were wounded and never fully recovered.
You can read one off those stories here: https://www.rtlnieuws.nl/nederland/leven-in-puin-na-de-bijlmerramp-ik-leef-van-het-minimum-maar-we-komen-er-wel (dutch)

Let this accident never been forgotten and let’s hope this never happens again.

This is documentary about the crash (air crash investigation NatGeo)


Wow I have never heard of this. Nice topic though very nicely put together.


Nice topic, but you had a few Grammar and Spelling errors.


‘Just a bit wind’

You mean ‘In Amsterdam it refueled and more cargo was loaded aboard.’

It is ‘accident’.

Their jobs

You can edit the post to fix those.

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Is it that big of a deal that he has a few spelling errors? He/she obviously doesn’t use English as their first typing language and I think they did pretty good. Just my two cents


Yes, I’m sorry.
I’m always trying to write correct Englsih, but I must learn it.
“There = their” was stupid mistake😂.


Ah, yes. This is by far the most memorable of all the ‘Air Crash Investigations’ I’ve watched. It is very sad indeed, but if you want to watch, it’s very interesting.

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‘Just a bit of wind’

Yeah I’ve watched that Seconds From Disaster many times. It is one of the ones that got e into aviation.
It has always intrigued me how a basic hing such as keeping your engines on your wing could fail. Luckily, it is corrected now.
I feel bad to say this, but I am glad it was a cargo flight and there were no passengers.

Same do me interesting tropic though and sorry for the life’s lost in the crash… Rip EL1862

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Quick heads up @DS2001 “windy” was actually correct in this context, not “wind”.

I must watch the crash investigation episode of this on YouTube, I had no idea the engines separated from the aircraft, it will be an intruiging watch…



I’m learning German. You should see how I type in German…

When I moved to providenciales I perfected a Caribbean English accent, ever since then, I never spelled anything right again 😂

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