#25 top paid games

Infinite flight is now #25 on the top paid games and seems to be rising fast as this morning it was #29. (Notice how it has passed some fnaf games which are one of the biggest and most widely known games out there) all I have to say I congrats, all you developers who poured their hearts into this made it able to become as highly ranked as it is today. Keep up the good work


Already being discussed here! ;)

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no thats pretty different actually, that is pretty much talking about the humor how Infinite flight was being catagorized as a racing game and was #1 there while I am just updating people, saying it got to #25 in the whole paid games


On the google play store it is #44 in paid games and #12 in Simulation.

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still pretty high though, if you think about how many paid games are out there

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And how much on google play compared to app store.

that’s true since apple is a lot more strict with the apps that they allow

I think Chief has a point, it’s already being discussed there and I don’t see much of a difference between your post and the other one. Both are about in what position IF is at, and although the other one started out differently, it has now taken a turn into where we discuss pretty much any aspect to where and why IF is listed as nr. 7 or nr. 23, here and there.

these posts are about different things though, sure it may have taken a turn but then that would be kind of off topic in my opinion

I’ll leave it up to the mods to decide, I believe that you can without a doubt talk about this, over there instead :)

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Does it really matter though? We’re not children, if it really bothers you that there is another topic that is ‘similar’ to this one, ignore it. Anyway, I think it’s good IF is at 25th, hopefully that will attract more people to the app and therefore lower subscription prices


Better than Five Night’s at Freddy’s??


Many people here on IFC are children. A large portion of the users on the forum are under the age of 18.

Secondly, I’m not bothered, I’m just stating that we could and should continue this discussion over there to minimize taking up unnecessary space on the discourse server that IFC runs on, and a fine example of space is minimal is that now you can’t post more than 10 pics per spotting topic for an example. Although a thread with text doesn’t take up as much, it’s also much more efficient and easy to have all the talk about where the app is positioned in the Play Store or App Store.

Thirdly lowering prices won’t happen just because the app is more popular. If you find it expensive then that’s you. FDS still needs to cover costs for everything they do. The more people joining, more profit they make, leading to better quality than the currently outstanding quality we alresdy have today. With the money they have left over they can do much more, and that’s up them how they wanna spend the leftover. I understand your point, but having a leftover by the end of the year or to improve the sim even further with the economical resources available is a great option.

And IF is not ranked 25th in all countries so that changes the perspective as well on a global scale.

Lastly, if you wish to continue discussing this, be my guest and take it over to a PM but i have no means to do so as i never meant to stomp and hate on this thread but simply suggesting that this topic could be merged with the other one.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day, thank you :)


This is true, in fact I’ve seen kids on here who claim they are 9. So yes, kids are on this forum.

In fact, I’m considered a kid, since I’m 15 years old.

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There are people here of all ages and that makes it unique in a way. People with different backgrounds and different amount of knowledge in different areas makes this place a learning and educational in many ways.

Anyway back on topic.

As you quoted me, a child is actually a human below the age of puberty (12), a minor is a human under the age of 18. I’m 16. It wasn’t a big deal my comment - you could’ve just flagged this post instead of announcing to everyone your intentions concerning this being a duplicate.

So back on topic, I never called IF expensive, however, perhaps more people joining could change the prices of things on the app - also I was unaware of the fact that IF isn’t in the top 25 worldwide, I just presumed that from the title.

It’s a real testament however to the quality of the product and the loyalty of its customers that this is in the top 25

Actually if you saw my topic you would know it was here several days before this

IFC - a place where if you are a regular, you know all. and anyone who isnt a regular, gets talked down to. No wonder so many people like to avoid this place like the plague…

anyways, i think this is great news. The other post about it being #1 in racing really seemed like a joke thread about how it was in racing. This app is really taking off (pardon the pun) and is exciting to be a part of something that is really growing in size, now if only the community could be friendlier ;)


Gonna refer you to @mwe2187’s post and that mine was here 3 days ago.

Exactly. Instead of finding some way to nitpick on someone, just add to the discussion for once.