25+ hour flight

For extremely long flights I like to use this cool map that will tell you the exact opposite, and farthest place on Earth from a specific place. For example, Auckland, NZ and Malaga, Spain.

@GhostCustoms, Boy! Stop IT! LOL 😆😆😆 You can’t fly no 60 hours knucklehead.

Nah, people can’t fly sixty hours in that A350. That’s too long and it is boring unless there are other activities to do. That would take 2 and a half days to land the plane. You would have to divert to an appropriate airport to refuel every 12 hours to make it 60 hours and that is not cool.

I’ve taken excursions with the A350 up to 20 hours (SIN - EWR) without refueling so I don’t know what you’re getting at. You can fly the A350 for over 50-60 hours with the right technique.

That’s impossible though. You have to stop and refuel every twelve hours to keep from having low fuel. I don’t know why you would implement that you can fly 50-60 hours in the A350 because that is not common. It is too long. And to me, I would never fly 60 hours because it will increase space and cause me to not have enough storage

Believe it or not, Udeme, you can fly for over 25+ hours in the A359 without stopping! Sure, it might be boring as you implied, and they would never do it in the real world, but it is totally possible to do in Infinite Flight! Take Nicholas above as an example. He flew 57 hours in the A359 straight! The longest time is owned by @iidvdii who flew 60:14:00 without stopping! Check out this topic at all the CRAZY flights your fellow community members did!


Not impossible.

You don’t have to. You can land on even 1% fuel if you’d like.

It certainly isn’t common but is possible and does happen on some occasions.

Clear scenery cache after your flights then, if you’re concerned about storage.

How is it that possible to fly 60 hours straight in the A359. If I clean scenery cache and attempt to fly the A359 60 hours non-stop, It will increase storage again plus, I don’t know how I can fly 60 hours straight in the A359. Again, you can’t fly 60 hours straight. It will take 2 and half days to land the plane

Have a look at the “non-stop” section in the topic I’ve linked below

16,300 on an a350

Maybe with zero PAX and cargo and step climbs, but only on IF, If I were going to do it IRL I will have to reserve a comfortable casket and look for a funeral service for my self

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BOOYYYY STop it!!! 😆😆😆😆😆. You know you cant fly sixty hours in that A350 and not in any other aircraft in Infinite Flight

You can…

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It is actually possible! I have flown for 28 hours in an A350 with full fuel and 0 pax and cargo. I landed with about 25% fuel. I think that if you were to step climb properly, and use correct cruise speeds you can fly for at least 30+ hours. @Udeme_Ekpo


Its been done, there is a trick they use thats not mine to share. But it is 100% possible in a a350

You dont necessary have to land the plane, plus you can land with no fuel, so if you glide down from 40,000 feet that would increase your flight time

The 772 is capable of doing 26-27 hours at a normal cruise speed of M.84. A359 can go a pretty long time at M.85 as well, but stay at FL330/340 (higher altitudes are worse in IF)
The 30+ hour flights are typically done at very low speeds, and often with single engine. They are only going for time, not distance.

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Well if you think you can do that, I will see how i can fly the A350 for sixty hours because trust me, I will never ever do that as to the fact that I need to use my phone for other things

people who do ultra long hauls usually have a second phone or a tablet lol
Or use an emulator

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Dear @GhostCustoms you can fly over 60 hours if you take A350 and over 45 hours if you take B772 .
And thanks to dear @nativetoalaska and @JarrettFlies for everything , you don’t have to approve any thing to any one who will not believe how many hours we can fly if he will not even try .


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