[25 Attending!] CLOSED (Sponsored by Private Flying Group and Tui Virtual!) The Balkan fly-out! @Balkans 211300ZDEC19

The great Balkan Fly-out!

The balkans, home to some of the biggest European carriers such as; Air Serbia, Croatia airlines, Montenegro Airlines, and more!

In this fly-out we will be flying out of several listed balkan airports.

Why did I choose balkans?

Being a Serbian, I feel that the balkan area is normally represented rather lonely with little to no people rarely flying out of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, etc. With this fly-out, I want to make the balkans really active and fun! Plus, the balkans are beautiful duding winter ;)


Server: Expert

Airports: LYBE (Belgrade), LDZA (Zagreb), LATI (Tirana), LYPG (podgorica), LYNI (Niš), LDDU (Dubrovnik), LQSA (sarajevo)

Time: 2019-12-21T13:00:00Z2019-12-21T16:00:00Z

ATC?: I will ask for IFATC services, but it is likely that there will be no ATC so please use Unicom respectfully.

How does it work? So basically, you can sign up for a flight out of any of these airports. You can spawn at any gate on your chosen airport. There are no specific timings except the event time range. You may do more than one flight. After you’ve chosen your flight, there are specific airlines and aircraft that you need to fly. Please obey to your given aircraft and airline :)

The airports

Belgrade Nikola Tesla International Airport LYBE
Belgrade Nikola International airport



Destination Airline Aircraft Attendee
Zagreb Air Serbia Dash 8-Q400 generic
Podgorica Air Serbia Dash 8-Q400 generic
Tirana Air Serbia Dash 8-Q400 generic
Podgorica Air Serbia Dash 8-Q400 generic
New York Air Serbia A330-300 generic @OneB
Athens Air Serbia A319 generic
Barcelona Air Serbia A319 Generic
Frankfurt Lufthansa A320 @BravoCharlie
Zurich Swiss A319 @snoman
Doha Qatar Airways A321
Abu Dhabi Etihad A321
East Midlands Etihad Cargo B777-200F @Zak_Plant
Beijing Air China B747-400
Moscow Sheremetyevo Aeroflot B737-900
London Heathrow Etihad A320 generic
Alitalia Rome A321 @anon79257371
Turkish Airlines Istanbul B737-800

Niš Constantine The Great International Airport LYNI
Niš Constantine The Great International Airport





Destination Airline Aircraft Attendee
Ljubljana Air Serbia A320 Generic @Matevz_Treven
Rome Air Serbia A319 Generic
Hannover Air Serbia A320 generic
Salzburg Air Serbia A319 generic
Malmo Wizz Air A320
Basel Wizz Air A320
Luqa RyanAir B737-800
Milan Ryanair B737-800
Stockholme RyanAir B737-800
Zagreb Franjo Tuđman International airport LDZA
Zagreb Franjo Tuđman International airport




Destination Airline Aircraft Attendee
Seoul Korean Air B787-9
Brussels Croatia Airlines A319
Vienna Croatia Airlines Dash 8-Q400
Frankfurt Croatia Airlines A319
Munich Croatia Airlines Dash 8-Q400
Sarajevo Croatia Airlines Dash 8-Q400
Dubrovnik Croatia Airlines Dash 8-Q400
Doha Qatar Airways A320
Istanbul Turkish Airlines A321
Belgrade Air Serbia A319 generic
Moscow Aeroflot A321
Eurowings Berlin A319
Amsterdam KLM E190
London Heathrow British Airways A320
Warsaw LOT E175
Dubai Emirates B777-300Er
Dubrovnik Airport LDDU
Dubrovnik Airport




Destination Airline Aircraft Attendee
Frankfurt Croatia Airlines A319
Zagreb Croatia Airlines A319
Philedelphia American Airlines B767 generic
Athens Olympic Airlines Dash 8-Q400 Generic
Rome Vueling A320
Istanbul Turkish Airlines A321
Split Trade Air A319 generic
London Gatwick Tui B787-8 @AryaTheLivingMeme, @PlaneGeek, @Manav_Suri, @Leon_B, @Joe_Baines1501, @Cloud-Surfer, @John_Ryan1
Manchester Tui B757 Tui/generic
Toronto Air Transat A330-300generic
"Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza LATI

Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza




Destination Airline Aircraft Attendee
Geneva Edelweisse A340 generic
Bologna Monarch A319 generic
London Heathrow Wizz Air A321
Dortmund Wizz Air A320
Pegasus Istanbul A320 generic
Belgrade Air Serbia Dash 8-Q400 @Tsumia
Frankfurt Lufthansa Crj-900/700
Milan Blue Panorama Airlines B737-700 generic
Venice Blue Panorama Airlines B737-800 generic
Ancona Blue Panorama Airlines B737-700 generic
Verona Blue Panorama Airlines B737-700 generic @CPTWilliam
Rome Alitalia A321
London Heathrow British Airways A320
Athens Aegean A320 @Moonlit, @DimitriB, @NeperQiell
Vienna Austrian A321
Podgorica International Airport LYPG

Podgorica Internatonal Airport




Destination Airline Aircraft Attendee
Belgrade Montenegro Airlines E190 generic
Rome Montenegro Airlines E190 generic
Paris Montenegro Airlines E190 generic
Ljubljana Montenegro Airlines E190 generic
Frankfurt Montenegro Airlines E190 Generic
Brussels RyanAir B737-800
London Gatwick RyanAir B737-800
Bologna RyanAir B737-800
Vienna Austrian Airlines Dash 8-Q400 Reserved by @Ryan_1872
Milan Wizz Air A320
Memmingen Wizz Air A320
Budapest Wizz Air A320
Istanbul Turkish Airlines A321
Sarajevo international airport LQSA
Sarajevo International Airport




Destination Airline Aircraft Atendee
Vienna Austrian A319 generic
Istanbul Turkish Airlines A321 @Alexian61
Doha Qatar Airways A321
Munich Lufthansa A320 @AmarKoric11
Cologne EuroWings A319
Stutgart EuroWings A319
Belgrade Air Serbia Dash 8-Q400 generic @David_Mullen
Zagreb Croatia Airlines A319 @BosnianAviation
Budapest WizzAir A320 @GiorgioT
Dubai FlyDubai B737-800 @NathanD

Make sure to sign up! I’d appreciate if you do as this took me 2 hours to make and plan, and also, we need more people to fly in the balkans!

See you around or in the skies!


This event is sponsored by private flying group!

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We are sponsored by Tui Virtual!

TuiVA is founded in July 2019 with a firm focus on fleet and route realism. Our route database is updated every month keeping up with real life changes to the actual routes of TUIfly. Routes of all TUI sister companies (TUIFly Belgium, TUIfly Deutschland, TUIfly Netherlands and TUIfly Nordic) are offered, giving pilots a wide array of destinations to choose from. We also have a structured ranking system and a rigorous training regimen, which emulates real life airline experiences into IF skies.


Ohhh man im coming for sure. I will fly LATI-LIRF with Alitalia A321. I hope many more will join us. Great idea.
Thanks a lot for featuring LATI 😀


Haha anytime! Will sign you up ;)

Thanks for coming!

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Hello everyone,

The date has been changed to the 21’st December prior to the FNF being on the 20th.

Good day!


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Wow okay this is interesting I’ll take the Belgrade flight in the Q400 from Tirana


I would’ve also included Bulgaria and North Macedonia so they don’t get left out but your choice…


I was going to put Macedonia, but the thing is it would then be too big. I was really just going for the main airports. Thanks for the suggestion though!

Maybe you could ve put Skopje and Sofia instead of Nis and Dubronvik, but anyway its done now. Im fine as long as LATI is there lol

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Wanted to feature LYNI as it was updated not too long ago! :D

Yeah, i flew LYNI-LMML a few days ago. If anyone s looking for a short scenic flight i would highly recommend it


@BravoCharlie MaxSez: Good fly-Out selection for this off forgotten region by those not effected by or knowledgeable of the Ottoman War, Nazi WWII occupation, the so called “ Yugoslavian” Partition secular/religious conflict of the late 89/90+ and of course the Soviet/Warsaw Pact era. For those with a world view IF flights into the region will be a trip down memory lane like me, Unfortunately I’ll be traveling during the event but I look forward to a Fam flight from Belgrade to Dubrovnik this week for its scenic and memory value.
Good Job, Regards, Max


Thanks max for the kind words! Both Grandfathers of mine served the Jugoslavian Air Force. But there’s always another time!


@BosnianAviation @Matevz_Treven @AmarKoric11 might wanna join guys?

We’re all from the balkans! :D


Oh yeah sign me up! 🇷🇸Niš-Ljubljana 🇸🇮


Meant to be East Midlands?

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Could I take this one please? Sweet looking event!


@BravoCharlie can I suggest, instead of 2 Croatian airports we replace Sarajevo for one of them?


@Matevz_Treven @snoman

You’re signed up! Thanks for coming!


I’ll take this gate.

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Roger that! Thanks for coming!