[25 Attending, 40 Gates Open!] The Oakland Flyout! @KOAK - 191700ZJAN19


Gate 30 to MDW please


Ok,I added you @Cargo,and I changed you,@BadPlane,your aircraft to a MD-11F!


@SimpleWaffles sorry but I can no longer attend


Alright, I have removed you. I hope that you can attend at another one of my events!


I have a quick question for you. Are you going to be in the states or somewhere out side of Japan on Jan 20?


By the “states” I assume you mean USA,but no,I won’t be in the US or outside of Japan at that time.


OMG! Good luck staying awake until 2am lol



Get your gate before it’s too late!



Hurry up and get your gate now!


Sorry cant attend the event anymore


All right,I have removed you. I hope to be able to see you at another one of my events!


Can I have FedEx 25 to FAT?


I have added you,I’ll see you in Oakland!


Could I have a passenger terminal? ANA 787-9 to RJTT


No,you have to select one of the routes in the post above,although I appreciate that you are thinking about attending!


I’ll take Gate 29 in T2 to KDAL:)


Is there any GA gates?


We do have GA gates at KOAK,feel free to take any of them!

@Joseph007 I’ve added you! I’ll see you there!


Could I have a gate to Honolulu?


Okay! Due to time constraints with another event, I will take a CCX to KSMF. See you there!