[25 Attending, 40 Gates Open!] The Oakland Flyout! @KOAK - 191700ZJAN19


I am officially confirming that I will be in the Southwest Classic/Original Livery


Can I change to a C130J-30 GA6 to LAX


Can I change to Gate 26 to KSEA in the Southwest 738? Thanks!


I will change to the Illinois one livery. Thanks!


No. Why the heck a C-130,I was hoping his would be a realistic even!


Because it cruses at 365 indicated


ill do OAK-HNL.


Okay,I signed you up for Gate 8! I’ll see you there!


Can I have a 747-8 to LAX


UPS cargo 5


Gate 25 to LAX please :)


By ‘UPS Cargo 5’ which gate do you mean? There is only the A,B,C,D,E,Fand G gates. And which 747-8 livery?

@Kevinsoto1502 I added you,I’ll see you there!


Thank you good sir!


Sorry, Fedex 5 777 to lax


Ok,I added you,all set! I’ll see you there!


Hello, is it possible to have a Norwegian flight to Paris LFPG ?


I’m not sure,is there any other flight that you would want to fly out of Oakland?


Hello, can I have remote 04 to KSTL




Ok,I added you! I’ll see you in Oakland!


Last change to an MD-11