[25 Attending, 40 Gates Open!] The Oakland Flyout! @KOAK - 191700ZJAN19


can I take gate 7? That is a real Allegiant gate for the flight (:


Ok then,but I have to move Hawaiian. So @Jonesrox55 is now at Gate 6.


If that is the A321, I saw that aircraft in a extra stand waiting for gate 9 or 10 to become free when I was there


My apologies. The Hawaiian A332 was at gate 8 going to PHNL. I now remember


Too bad we don’t have the A332.


We do have the 763 🤷‍♂️


Il take gate 8 to Honolulu please.


Nice event!!! Can i get gate 01


Ill take gate 20


Gate 12 to ATL please, put me down in a 738.
thanks :)


This is Awesome. Finally a flyout from my Home Airport!!! 👍🏿Bay Area!!! 😉
I’d like to please represent for my favorite VA. Southwest Virtual.
May I please have Gate: 32
And may I please use a B737 instead of a B738.
Callsign: SWA81
Thank you and thank you for hosting a great event from an even better airport.


Oakland is an often overlooked airport with over 13 million passengers coming through per year!

Being my home airport, I will take part in this event. I’ll take gate 24, southwest livery, undecided destination.


@ItsBlitz,@Matthew_20204,@JeromeJ,@Delta319,@Playr_Mar,@naro,I added all of you! I’ll see you in Oakland!


Also added myself!


Taking Remote 02


Any chance I can get a gate to Seattle

But instead of Alaska, I want to go Southwest


Can I have a 737-700 for southwest to LAX


Ok,@DanikSteblev I added you,I’ll see there!

@BigBert10 I signed you up for Gate 23 in a Southwest 737-800! I’ll see you in Oakland!

@BadPlane I signed you up for Gate 25 in a Southwest 737-700! I hope to see you there!


I would like to take Fedex gate 07 with service to Anchorage please. Nice to be back in the Yeah Area.


Ok,I added you! I’ll see you there!