24SEP23: Tijuana Flyout DEPARTED

Welcome everyone to the majestic Mexican city of Tijuana, located in the northwest of the country! With a unique approach on both ends and stunning scenery surrounding the airport it makes for the perfect event! Join me and fellow IFC’er’s @the_ding and @BenjiTheBull for this amazing event!

Event Info
Time: 2300z, 5pm mst
Date: September 24th, 2023
Server: Expert Server
Airport: Tijuana International Airport MMTJ


Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
1 American Phoenix E175
2 Aeromexico Mexico City B738 @EnthusiasticAviation
3 VivaAerobus Cancun A320
4 Aeromexico Mexico City B738
5 Viva Aerobus Puerto Vallarta A320 @Andy_Garrett
6 VivaAerobus San Jose Del Cabo A320 @Avaitor1
7 Aeromexico Mexico City B738 @Ryan_Carney
8 VivaAerobus Puebla A320
9 VivaAerobus Leon/Del Baijo A320 @raulgglez
10 Volaris Cancun A319 @the_ding
11 Volaris Aguascalientes A319
12 Volaris Merida A319
13 Volaris Durango A319 @RagonDragon
14 Volaris Baijo A319
15 Volaris Tuxtla A319
16 Volaris Chihuahua A321
17 Volaris Loreto A319 @United403
18 Volaris Iztapa A319
19 Volaris La Paz A319 @CaptainKev
20 Volaris Morelia A319
Cargo Ramp
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
1 FedEx Memphis B77F @717Flier
2 Ameriflight Ontario Q400
3 NetJets Los Angeles CL35 @DJW
4 Emery Riddle San Diego C172 @RapidpilotKB

Air Traffic Control

Frequency User


  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If you intend to fly in from another airport please time it accordingly
  • We are not responsible any level 1,2 or 3 violations
  • If no ATC is not present use Unicom as professional as possible
  • Have fun
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to chihuahua in the a321 please 😁

Amazing Choice

As a fellow American

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coming right up

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i’ll have this one :)

roger that

Basic, ik, but i want it

@EnthusiasticAviation coming right up

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I’ll take this one

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Amazing choice

Me, please!

@Mort coming right up

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Keep filling up this amazing city 🇲🇽 ✈️✈️

I’ll take these

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@Butter575 thanks for helping

Midnight for me, sadly won’t be able to join…

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I dare you to pull an all nighter 😂😂

On a Sunday night? No thanks. 😂

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Bump for this very unique city 🇲🇽 ✈️