24SEP2022 / 1800Z / Adventures in the Cascades @KPDX COMPLETED

Hello IFC! Please allow myself @United403, @AmericanB7, and @RagonDragon to welcome you to beautiful Portland Oregon! Located In the beautiful Pine forest of the American Northwest. Portland has a population of 653,000, and is know for its Skiing, Bike trails, local cuisines and of course the Famous Green carpet at PDX airport! Please join us as we celebrate the over 70 destinations and 7 countries served.

Event Info

  • Expert Server
  • 2000Z, 10am pst, 11am mst, 12pm cst, 1pm est
  • Portland international KPDX

Gate assignments

A Concourse

A1) Alaska - (Billings BIL) Q400 @United403
A2) Alaska - (Boise BOI) Q400
A3) Alaska - (Medford MFR) Q400 @AIDAN101
A4) Alaska - (Fresno FAT) Q400 @RagonDragon
A6) Alaska - (Oakland OAK) Q400
A8) Alaska - (San Louis SBP) Q400
A9) Alaska - (Santa Barbara SBA) Q400
A10) Alaska - (Santa Rosa STS) Q400
A11) Alaska - (Seattle SEA) Q400
A12) Alaska - (Glacier park GPI) Q400 @Aviation2929
A13) Alaska - (Reno Tahoe RNO) Q400
A14) Alaska - (Eugene EUG) Q400

B Concourse

B1) Alaska - (Cancún México) B738
B2) Alaska - (San Jose del Cabo) B738
B3) Alaska - (Puerto Vallarta MMPR) B738

C Concourse

C1) Alaska - (Albuquerque ABQ) B738
C2) Alaska - (Anchorage ANC) B739
C3) Alaska - (Boston BOS) B739
C4) Alaska - (Chicago ORD) B738
C5) Alaska - (Dallas DFW) B738
C6) Alaska - (Denver DEN) B739
C7) Alaska - (Honolulu HNL) B739
C8) Alaska - (Kahalui OGG) B738
C9) Alaska - (Kona HKO) B738
C10) Alaska - (Lihue LIH) B738
C11) Alaska - (Los Angeles LAX) B739 @Avocado_Aviator
C12) Alaska - (New Orleans MSY) B738
C13) Alaska - (New York JFK) B739
C14) Alaska - (Seattle SEA) B738 @Aviation_Jerry
C15) Alaska - (San Francisco SFO) B739 @Butter575
C16) Alaska - (Washington National DCA) A321
C17) Alaska - (Fort Lauderdale FLL) B739
C18) Alaska - (Minneapolis MSP) B739.
C19) British airways - (London EGLL) B789
C20) Condor - (Frankfurt EDDF) B763
C21) WestJet - (Calgary YYC) B737-700
C22) Volaris - (Guadalajara MMGL) A320
C23) Air Canada - (Toronto YYZ) A321

D councourse

D1) Delta - (Atlanta ATL) A321
D2) Delta - (Detroit DTW) B739
D3) Delta - (Minneapolis MSP) B738
D4) Delta (Amsterdam AMS) A333
D5) Delta - (Los Angeles LAX) B739
D6) Delta - (Salt lake City SLC) A223 @KSM_King_Storm
D7) Delta - (Tokyo Haneda RJTT) A339
D8) United - (Chicago ORD) A320
D9) United - (Denver DEN) A320
D10) United - (San Francisco SFO) A320
D11) American - (Dallas DFW) A321
D12) Spirit - (Las Vegas LAS) A320 @AmericanB7
D13) JetBlue - (Boston BOS) A321
D14) Hawaiian - (Honolulu HNL) A333
D15) Southwest - (Phoenix PHX) B738

E Concourse

E1) Allegiant - (Idaho falls IDA) A320
E2) Allegiant - (Provo PVU) A320
E3) Allegiant - (Des Moines DSM) A320
E4) Allegiant - (Grand rapids CID) A320

Cargo Gates


FedEx Ramp 1) Orange County SNA - B757 @HarrisonFPSAviation
FedEx Ramp 2) Las Vegas - MD-11F @CaptainOveur
FedEx Feeder Ramp 3) Redmond - C208 @Oregon001 FedEx Feeder Ramp 4) Reserved for @FedExVirtual


South Cargo Ramp 1 - (Brookings BOK) C208
South Cargo Ramp 2 - (Hermiston HES) C208
South Cargo Ramp 3 - (Newport ONP) C208


Ramp 1) Los Angeles LAX - B777F
Ramp 2) Anchorage ANC - B777F
Ramp 3) Seattle SEA - B777F
Ramp 4) Vancouver YVR - B777F
Ramp 5) Mexico City MMMX - B777F @EnthusiasticAviation


Ramp 1) Albuquerque ABQ - A332F
Ramp 2) Boston BOS - MD-11F
Ramp 3) Billings BIL - A332F
Ramp 4) Chicago/Rockford RFD - A332F
Ramp 5) Louisville SDF - MD-11F
Ramp 6) Omaha OMA - MD-11F
Ramp 7A) Phoenix PHX - MD-11F
Ramp 7B) San Bernardino SBD - A332F

Reserve Ramp

1A) Reserved for @FedExVirtual
2A) Reserved for @FedExVirtual
3A) Reserved for @FedExVirtual

Southeast Cargo, Amazon air
  1. Baltimore BWI - B738
  2. Fairbanks FAI - B738
  3. Fort Worth AFW - B738
  4. Lakeland LAL - B738
  5. Stockton SCK - B738


  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If you intend to fly in from another airport please time it accordingly
  • We are not responsible any level 1,2 or 3 violations
  • If no ATC is not present use Unicom as professional as possible
  • Have fun

If Anyone would like to help, ATC services are greatly appreciated!

ATIS @DJSunfire
Ground @DJSunfire
Tower @DJSunfire
Seattle Center

As always, thanks for joining and happy flying!!


A huge Thanks to Fedex Virtual for sponsoring this event!! Go check them out 👇👇

Thank your to @MR.FOXY09 for sponsoring this event! Go check out his event on the 21st of September!!



I’ll take this please


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Of course!! It’s a great 25 minute hop

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D15) Southwest - (Phoenix PHX) B738

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Ill take gate A12 please

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All fixed!!

I am glad to announce, we now have cargo gates available to choose From.
I am also very honored to be Sponsored by @FedExVirtual and have gates reserved for them!

Awesome @United403

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