24OCT21 / 17:00Z - Air Europa Virtual Madrid Madness @LEMD


Event Description

21.5 IS HERE! With Madrid being one of the new 3D Airports!

Welcome to another Air Europa Virtual event! To celebrate 21.5, we are hosting a fly out from LEMD - Madrid. This airport offers a wide variety of destinations, with many airlines and different types of aircraft to fly. It is also AirEuropa’s main HUB.

Everyone is invited to this event, and we are excited to see which routes you all choose.

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About Madrid Airport

Madrid Barajas International Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Spain. It is located in the North-East of Madrid, Barajas district, only 12 kilometers from Madrid city centre. The Airport opened in 1928 and since then has become one of the most important aviation centers of Europe.

It is the foremost European airport for flights to Central and South America as well as a major hub for worldwide connections.

Why Did We Choose Madrid Airport?

The scenery throughout the whole of Spain is amazing, especially in the Madrid and Malaga areas. It offers many domestic destinations as well as international destinations. Madrid is also the main base for AirEuropaVA. AirEuropa fly to 20 domestic destinations as well as 44 international destinations in 33 countries. Some brilliant attractions to see in Madrid is The Royal Palace, The Magic Fountain, Plaza Mayor and Santiago Bernabéu Stadium (Where Real Madrid CF Play)


Server: Expert
Airport: LEMD - Madrid
Time and Date: 2021-10-24T17:00:00Z


The departing runways for each terminal will be announced on the day of the event.

ATC TGS@AviationChampion


Terminal 1 Gates

T1 Assignments

|Airline|T/Gate| Destination City| Arrival ICAO| Aircraft| IFC Pilot|
|Aeroflot|T1 Gate T01|Moscow|UUEE|A320|
|Air Europa|T1 Gate T02|Lima|SPJC|B789| @Bill_Deng
|Air Europa|T1 Gate T03|Caracas|SVMI|B789| @sanketpandia @Omar_DeWindt
|Air Europa|T1 Gate T04|Punta Cana|MDPC|B789|
|Aeromexico|T1 Gate T05|Mexico City|MMMX|B789| @Mayank_Pawar
|Delta|T1 Gate T06|Atlanta|KATL|B767|
|Delta|T1 Gate T07|New York|KJFK|B767| @Marcus3
|Ryanair|T1 Gate T08|Luton|EGGW|B738|
|Ryanair|T1 Gate T09|Rome|LIRA|B738|
|Ryanair|T1 Gate T10|Birmingham|EGBB|B738|
|Easyjet|T1 Gate T11|Bristol|EGGD|A320|
|Easyjet|T1 Gate T12|Liverpool|EGGP|A320|
|Turkish Airlines|T1 Gate 70|Istanbul|LTFM|A333| @askrdl
|Saudia|T1 Gate 71|Riyadh|OERK|B789| @Captain_Dreamliner
|Air Canada|T1 Gate 72|Montreal|CYUL|A333|
|Air Europa|T1 Gate 73|Havana|MUHA|B789|
|Air Europa|T1 Gate 74|Copenhagen|EKCH|E195|

Terminal 2 Gates

T2 Assignments

|Airline|T/Gate| Destination City| Arrival ICAO| Aircraft| IFC Pilot|
|Air Europa|T2 Gate T13|Porto|LPPR|E195| @Dylan.Winklosky
|Air Europa|T2 Gate T14|Medellin|SKRG|B789| @David_Castillo
|Air Europa|T2 Gate T15|Palma de Mallorca|LEPA|E195| @Sam_Neale
|Air Europa|T2 Gate T16|London Gatwick|EGKK|B789| @Benrdutch
|Air Europa|T2 Gate T17|Montevideo|SUMU|B789|
|Vietnam Airlines|T2 Gate T18|Hanoi|VVNB|A359| @Flyingshib
|Air Europa|T2 Gate T19|Malaga|LEMG|E195| @MrJackT14
|TAP Air Portugal|T2 Gate T20|Lisbon|LPPT|A320|
|Air France|T2 Gate T21|Paris|LFPG|A321| @Destroyer350
|KLM|T2 Gate T22|Amsterdam|EHAM|B737| @Joost3008
|Swiss|T2 Gate T23|Zurich|LSZH|A319| @Tamatea_Zeissloff

Terminal 3 Gates

T3 Assignments

|Airline|T/Gate| Destination City| Arrival ICAO| Aircraft| IFC Pilot|
|Swiss|T3 Gate T24|Geneva|LSGG|A319|
|Alitalia|T3 Gate T25|Rome|LIRF|A321|
|Icelandair|T3 Gate T26|Keflavik|BIKF|B752| @Monkey_Pilots
|Air Europa|T3 Gate T27|Lisbon|LPPT|E195|
|Air Europa|T3 Gate T28|Bilbao|LEBB|B738|
|Air Europa|T3 Gate T29|Miami|KMIA|B789| @Captain_Sebs
|Air Europa|T3 Gate T30|Venice|LIPZ|B738| @MichaelMetaxas
|Lufthansa|T3 Gate T31|Munich|EDDM|A320|
|LOT Polish Airlines|T3 Gate T32|Warsaw|EPWA|B738| @IF-Mallorca
|Air France|T3 Gate T33|Paris|LFPO|A319|
|Aegean Airlines|T3 Gate T34|Athens|LGAV|A320|
|Tunisair|T3 Gate T35|Tunis|DTTA|A319|
|WIZZ Air|T3 Gate T36|Sofia|LBSF|A321|
|WIZZ Air|T3 Gate T37|Budapest|LHBP|A321|

Terminal 4 Gates

T4/T4S Assignments

|Airline|T/Gate| Destination City| Arrival ICAO| Aircraft| IFC Pilot|
|Finnair|T4 Gate 330|Helsinki|EFHK|A321|
|Iberia|T4 Gate 332|Vienna|LOWW|A321|
|American Airlines|T4 Gate 334|Dallas|KDFW|B789| @Lachlanavitor
|Etihad|T4 Gate 336|Abu Dhabi|OMAA|B789|
|Iberia|T4 Gate 338|Manchester|EGCC|A321|
|Vueling|T4 Gate 340|Paris CDG|LFPG|A320|
|Aer Lingus|T4 Gate 342|Dublin|EIDW|A320| @T.Malone
|AirBaltic|T4 Gate 344|Riga|EVRA|Dash-8 Q400|
|British Airways|T4 Gate 346|London Heathrow|EGLL|A321| @Tom_Jennings
|Luxair|T4 Gate 348|Luxembourg|ELLX|B737|
|Iberia|T4 Gate 350|Oslo|ENGM|A321|
|Iberia|T4 Gate 352|Gran Canaria|GCLP|A321|
|Vueling|T4 Gate 354|Barcelona|LEBL|A320| @Antuan_51
|Vueling|T4 Gate 356|Ibiza|LEIB|A320| @KJKLM281
|British Airways|T4 Gate 358|Frankfurt|EDDF|A321|
|Iberia|T4 Gate 360|Brussels|EBBR|A321|
|Iberia|T4 Gate 362|Naples|LIRN|A321|
|Royal Air Maroc|T4 Gate 364|Marrakesh|GMMX|B738|
|Royal Air Maroc|T4 Gate 366|Casablanca|GMMN|B738| @HUMVEE
|Ukraine International|T4 Gate 368|Kyiv|UKBB|B739|
|American Airlines|T4 Gate 373|Miami|KMIA|B772|
|Air China|T4S Gate 573|Hangzhou|XXXX|A333|
|LATAM|T4S Gate 579|Santiago|SCEL|B77W| @DuncanNL
|Emirates|T4S Gate 580|Dubai|OMDB|B77W|
|Qatar|T4S Gate 582|Doha|OTHH|A359|
|Avianca|T4S Gate 583|Bogota|SKBO|B788| @KpoA320

Cargo Assignments

Cargo Assignments

|Airline|T/Gate| Destination City| Arrival ICAO| Aircraft| IFC Pilot|
|AirBridgeCargo|Cargo Apron 145|Liege|EBLG|B747| @Arnav_Ola
|Koreanair|Cargo Apron 147|Seoul|RKSI|B747| @Jukker
|Turkish Airlines|Cargo Apron 156|Istanbul|LTFM|B777F|
|Emirates|Cargo Apron 157|Amsterdam|EHAM|B777F|
|DHL|Cargo Apron 159|Leipzig|EDDP|B777F| @Dingus
|Qatar|Cargo Apron 161|Milan|LIMC|B777F| @MrAftonn

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You’re all signed up, enjoy the event!

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You’re all signed up, enjoy the event.

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Please can I have this gate?

Your all signed up Felipe! Great work on organising this event!

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Thank you :). I’m really excited for this event

Your all signed up for the event! I hope you enjoy the event!

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Your all signed up, enjoy the event!

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Your all signed up, enjoy the event!

Your all signed up, I hope you enjoy the event!

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Hello! I’d suggest adding a ATC status section in your post. I would love to staff your event as Ground, Tower & ATIS.

Hi this flight plz