24OCT20 / 1800Z - Warm sea air @UUEE

Aeroflot Virtual invites you to join event on 24 October 6:00:00 PM

Server: Expert server

Airport Departure: UUEE, Moscow Sheremetyevo

Airport Arrival: VRMM, Male

Aircrafts: Airbus A350-900 livery Aeroflot

Time: 2020-10-24T18:00:00Z

Gates available :

Terminal F

Gate 46: Free
Gate 47: Free
Gate 48: Free
Gate 49: Free
Gate 50: @Shafran
Gate 51: Free
Gate 52: Free
Gate 53: Free
Gate 54: Free
Gate 55: Free
Gate 56: Free

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I’ll go how long is the flight?

Approximately 8 hours.

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Hmm now I must think about it

Let’me know if you want join!)

As the CEO, I think I should join.

I may be able to join this.

ok choose gate ^^

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