24OCT20 / 1700Z || The Heart Above KDFW || @KDFW

Sadly one of my close friends on this community is leaving, and I have decided to have a farewell flight for him . He has decided to not renew his sub due to school. This will be his last flight on IF, so please join me in having a farewell flight for him! @AGForLife


  • Aircraft : any Aircraft
  • Route : Heart above Dallas FPL will be below
  • Time of Departure : 1700Z
  • Server : Training
  • Additional Information:
    Have fun :), but please respect others and unicom

3315N/9647W 3317N/9645W 3319N/9642W 3321N/9638W 3322N/9635W 3323N/9630W 3323N/9626W 3323N/9623W 3323N/9620W 3322N/9616W 3320N/9614W 3319N/9610W 3317N/9607W 3314N/9604W 3311N/9602W 3308N/9601W 3305N/9601W 3301N/9601W 3258N/9602W 3255N/9603W 3250N/9607W 3247N/9610W 3242N/9616W 3238N/9623W 3232N/9631W 3228N/9638W 3224N/9642W 3220N/9646W 3219N/9647W 3219N/9647W 3223N/9652W 3227N/9657W 3231N/9702W 3236N/9710W 3242N/9719W 3246N/9724W 3250N/9729W 3255N/9732W 3300N/9734W 3305N/9735W 3309N/9734W 3314N/9731W 3318N/9727W 3321N/9722W 3322N/9717W 3323N/9712W 3323N/9707W 3323N/9701W 3321N/9656W 3318N/9651W 3316N/9649W


I think this belongs under the #live:groupflights category

I changed It as soon as I posted it.

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Can you put a the thing in that converts the time to your time zone please

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Thanks, I might be able to make it. I will be able to at least escort you in an F22

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Im coming also, suggest that you escort @AGForLife


I will come in F22 and escort him but we need a refueler

Nah the flight isnt that long so dont worry @Captainflight

1.5 hours @Henry

I might be able to make it!

Thats great @FlightisticYT!

@Captainflight we don’t know for sure whether the flight is going to last 1.5 hours, 1.5 hours is an estimate as to roughly how long the flight will last. I am pretty sure it will take way less than that.


I would like to say thanks to @Henry and @Captainflight for organizing this farewell flight for me.


Sorry, I now can’t make it

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Flight is in 10 min

The Group flight is in TS now

Can I be ATC for departure?

Sure! 10 character limit

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Do you know what’s the starting airport?

DFW is starting and arrival

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Lets make an PM for this