24NOV23: The Guam Flyout DEPARTED

Ofc ofc! Enjoy

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Could you make a United 777W to SFO pls

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@Crunchymonkey12345 ofc! Amazing choice

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Keep filling up this amazing island 🏝️✈️

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keep filling up Guam 🇬🇺

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Hey @United403! I have created a event called the The Incredible Heathrow Fly-Out!

Which is unfortunately on the same day at the event 😭

You can remove me from the Gate Assignments

Thank you,


@If.EnglandYT no problem

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This please!

@Harrison_S amazing choice

It’s been pretty quiet over here. Keep filling up this amazing island 🇬🇺

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Can I actually get one to nagoya

@Crunchymonkey12345 absolutely

Can I actually cancel I have to do the Heathrow fly out I’m really sorry

@Crunchymonkey12345 no problem. I can remove you

I’ll take this please!

@TheNorthwestDog amazing choice

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Just 2 days left!! 🇬🇺🇬🇺 ✈️✈️

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Event Announcement
Due to conflicting events at the same time, I am moving this event back 4 hrs to 3pm mst. Please repress going or interested.

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Can I change to this please

@BenjiTheBull absolutely