24NOV23: The Guam Flyout DEPARTED

Welcome to the amazing island of Guam, one of the United States’s 5 amazing territories! With history dating back to the 16th century when Spain captured and colonized it for a stop over on shipping routes from New Spain (Modern day Central America) to Manila. The United States took control of it in the 1890s as part of the treaty of Paris, until WW2 when Japan took occupation. Join me after thanksgiving to give a toast to this beautiful island and its rich history.

Event Info
Airport: Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport PGUM
Server: Expert Server
Time: 2100z, 3pm mst
Date: November 24th, 2023


Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
4 United Kosrae B738 @NonStopsAviation
5 United San Francisco B77W
6 Korean Seoul BCS3
7 Starlux Airlines Taipei A339 @ayyjay
8 United Chicago B77W
9 United Honolulu B77W @Ryan_15
10 United Honolulu B77W @United403
11 Philippine airlines Manila A321 @Harrison_S
12 United Tokyo Narita B739 @Proswitchgaming30
13 United Chuuk B738 @MANDELA
14 Jin Air Seoul B738
15 United Majuro B738
16 United Fukuoka B739
17 Jeju Air Busan B738
18 United Manila B739 @anon10113276
19 United Nagoya B739
20 United Saipan B738 @BenjiTheBull
21 United Osaka B739 @Avaitor1
Cargo Apron
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
1 USAF N/A C17 @Cole_Woodard
2 Asia Pacific Honolulu B757 @Flyin.Hawaiian
3 FedEx Anchorage MD-11

Air Traffic Control

Frequency User
ATIS @Butter575
Ground @Butter575
Tower @Butter575


  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If you intend to fly in from another airport please time it accordingly
  • We are not responsible any level 1,2 or 3 violations
  • If no ATC is not present use Unicom as professional as possible
  • Have fun


the best flight (same as you)

Roger that

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I’d like to do patterns in a c-17

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@Cole_Woodard coming right up

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I’ll take this just for the neo 😎

@ayyjay alrighty

This por favor

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Coming right up

I’ll take this one!

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@crj amazing choice

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This but aircraft type and route TBD (depends on what comes out in 23.3)

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@PhorzaSky Roger that

Wish I could’ve gone to Albuquerque, but I guess I’ll take this

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@BenjiTheBull coming right up

Ofc you had to

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I think you know where I want to substitute…

why is this on there?? it was a one time charter

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@Flyin.Hawaiian Hmmmm

obviously HNL, OGG doesnt get guam service

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I’ll take this