24NOV20 / 1900Z - Mini Trans-Atlantic @ KBOS - EINN

I won’t be able sorry

what should my flight # be?

Choose your own callsign but make sure to use Shamrock if you can!

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Since Aer Lingus doesn’t fly this route anymore cause if covid

I’ve actually seen it on Flightradar24 in the past week or two @Captain_Young

They just use A321 neos

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ok, do u remember what is was? no worries if u can’t

What do you mean @Captain_Young?

the flight #

I don’t remember, sorry. I don’t usually check flight number.

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its all good. excited for this one!

Good to hear it @Captain_Young!

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btw, are we gonna use discord?

It doesn’t matter…some may not have discord.

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Let’s get just a few more! Invite your friends!

I’ll be making a PM 45 minutes prior to departure time!

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Hello @plane_guy12
Your topic violates the rules of the #live:groupflights category
Please check out the rules

You can not assign gates, that would be a #live:events topic
You can do what I do and say

Who Is Coming?


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Thank you!

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You are welcome

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