24NOV20 / 0530Z - Transatlantic Journey @ KDFW to EGLL

  • Aircraft and Livery:
    American Airlines 777-300er
  • Route:
  • Time of Departure:
    05300Z or 2020-11-23T05:30:00Z
  • Server:

  • Additional Information:
    Come join me as I cross the Atlantic starting out in Dallas,Texas and ending up in London, England. We will be using the American Airlines 777-300er. The flight plan will be ready upon spawning in just copy it from “American 40”. Please show up roughly 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time of departure. We will be using the “D” terminal tonight at KDFW

ill be there

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Great can’t wait

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Hey there!

You can only post #live:groupflights topics within 3 hours of your departure time.

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I’m sorry I forgot can you please not report it it’s not too far out

im right infront of you right now

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I can make a realistic flight plan so copy mine if you want. For mine each waypoint has different altitudes and speeds

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I use “FPTOIF” btw

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Hello @Delta

I’ve set this topic to open in roughly 2hrs from now. Topic and formatting all looks good for the most part. Just a tad early for this 3hr window that we require. This will topic will open at 0300Z 2020-11-24T03:00:00Z for your 0600Z departure time.



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Hey y’all, can’t wait for the flight!

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I’m coming.

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