24MAY21 / 1900Z - Whacky Racing: Full Throttle, 3 Times @ EGEO

No normal person can land that thing

I can land it but not on a runway

Did anyone else just see Dan floating up in the air at about 40 knots 🤨

Was boring tbh

Yeah you can, just takes some skill to do. You need to flare more than you think as its sits on the ground with its nose up anyway

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Well I thought it was the best one yet, so each to their own. The course is still up for about 1.5h if anyone wants to give it a go!

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You definitely weren’t flying it right.


Well done haha! I went rocket status just after landing. I call it the SpaceX F-22 5000 super


@AdamCallow This is you supervising us all so I decided to park my F22 inside you:

I went up to about 130000ft 😂

Debrief for me:

  • missed two gates
  • didn’t land
  • took off like a minute too late because I just had to get one more practice run

This certainly won’t have been my last one. Looking forward to more of these in the future!

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Omg what a race! I risked it and loaded a light fuel load in hopes that would somehow make me faster and more nimble in the turns… ran out of fuel less than a mile from the runway after my “cooldown” lap. 😂😂😂

I just tried to crash into Misha but still crashed right next to him 🤣

Ahhh thats it for me - thanks for the fun time Misha!

This is me 126500ft above the airport:


“Houston, we have an unidentified thing in orbit about to hit our rocket” xD


“Raptor 999AA, contact Moon Center on 121.666 🤣


Next time this happens, let me know in advance to get a camera aircraft up there! Gutted to have missed it!

It was posted 3 hours before it started…

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