24MAY20 / 1930Z - The Atlanta Adventure: World's Busiest Airport! @KATL

The Atlanta Adventure

@Cannoli928 and @Pinecone’s Atlanta Fly-in/out

Everybody loves a bad plan when it works. -Cayde-6


About Atlanta airport:




Airport: ATL/KATL

Server: Expert

Departure runway: 8L

Arrival runway: 8R

Spawn 20 minutes before the event begins.

Most, if not all routes/aircraft can be modified upon request!

Fly-in Rules

Every Domestic Delta airlines arrival must park at concourse B.

Every Domestic arrival that isn’t Delta airlines must park at concourse T.

Every international arrival must park at concourse F.


Concourse T

T1- American 320 to KPHX

T2- Southwest 737 to KMCO

T3- American CRJ7 to KCLT

T4- Southwest 737 to KHOU @Gavin_cx

T5- JetBlue A320 to KBOS @Fish

T6- American A320 to KPHL @Cannoli928

T7- United 320 to KDEN @Cap_J

T8- Spirit 320 to KDTW

T9- Alaska (More to Love Livery) 739 to KSEA @Udeme_Ekpo

T10- Southwest 738 to KTPA

T11- Southwest 737 to KDEN @Zach007

T12- Frontier 320 to KPHL

T13- United E170 to KIAH

T14 (Reserved for Fly-in)

T15 (Reserved for Fly-in)

T16 (Reserved for Fly-in)

T17 (Reserved for Fly-in)

Concourse A

A1- Delta 717 to KDTW @DeltaMD88Fan

A2- Delta 752 to KSFO @Pilotcamcam

A3- Delta 319 to KLGA @Dylan_M

A4- Delta 752 to KJFK @captARK

A5- Delta 738 to KEWR @Jacklcsm

A6- Delta 321 to KBOS @Ben_Sheegog

A7- Delta 717 to KALB

A9- Delta 717 to KBHM @Butter_Boi

A10- Delta 752 to KJFK @Kudzuchimp

A11- Delta 321 to KAUS @jet_centric

A12- Delta 717 to KVPS @Finnishboy

A13- Delta 717 to KPVD @Pinecone

A14- Delta 717 to KBDL

A15- Delta 321 to KPHX

A16- Delta 717 to KORF

A17- Delta 752 to KMCO @Jafet_Zuniga

A18- Delta 717 to KRDU @Bren_McDonell

A19- Delta CRJ2 to KGTR

A20- Delta CRJ9 to KLEX

A21- Delta 767 to KMSP @PilotCSG

A24- Delta 738 to KSMF @Captain_T_Malone

A25- Delta 739 to KPBI

A26- Delta 739 to KBWI

A27- Delta CRJ9 to KFNT

A28- Delta CRJ9 to KPHF

A29- Delta 717 to KDAB @Big_Elijah

A30- Delta CRJ9 to KTLH @Jacklcsm

A31- Delta 737 to KEYW

A32- Delta 717 to KDAY

A33- Delta 757 to KDTW @Luke_Sta

A34- Delta CRJ2 to KEWN

Concourse B

Concourse B is reserved for DELTA fly-ins only.

Concourse F (INT)

F1- Korean Air 748 to ICN @L3gom4n

F2- Qatar 359 to OTHH

F3- WestJet 789 to CYYC

F4- Delta 333 to EHAM

F5- Delta 739 to TJSJ

F6- Delta 319 to TXKF

F7- KLM 789 to EHAM

F8- Lufthansa (2018 Livery) 748 to EDDF @L3gom4n

F9- Delta 777 to FAOR @Zak_Plant

F10- Volaris 319 to MMUN

F12- Turkish 359 to LTFM @M_Hartwich

F14- Delta A319 to MMMX @Delta07


North Apron

FedEx Cargo Apron 1- Fedex 772 to KMEM @Embraer001

FedEx Cargo Apron 2- Fedex 772 to TTPP @zionmoreau13

FedEx Cargo Apron 3- Fedex MD11 to KMEM

UPS Cargo Apron 1- UPS MD11 to KSAT

UPS Cargo Apron 2- UPS 752 to KBDL

South Apron

South Cargo Apron 1- Cargolux 747 to ELLX

South Cargo Apron 2- China Airlines Cargo (Boeing Freight Livery) 747 to KDFW

South Cargo Apron 3- Lufthansa Cargo MD11 to CYYZ

South Cargo Apron 4- Koreanair Cargo (Boeing Freight Livery) 747 to PANC

South Cargo Apron 5- Lufthansa Cargo MD11 to EDDF @Sam73628

South Cargo Apron 6- AirBridge Cargo 747 to EBLG

Thank you @Pinecone for the idea and for helping make this event!

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I’ll take A13 to PVD 😎

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I’m taking T6 to Philly!

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You’re in!

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Could I get A11?


Sure thing, make sure to mark the calendar!


I’ll take F7 please


You got it! Make sure to set a reminder.


Lol as soon as I sent the button to reply on this topic I made this a reminder in my calendar.


I’ll take Gate A3, please. 🙇‍♂️


There you are!


Hey, maybe we could get a flyover?

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Not a bad idea!!

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Could I please get A4?


It’s yours! Please be sure to set a reminder!


I’ll take A18!


You got it! Make sure to mark the calendar!

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717 (A-1) to Detroit please.


Welcome to the event! Please set a reminder when you have a chance!


Are you not doing E Gates?