24MAY20 / 1600Z - The Houston Flyout @ KIAH

Sure thing see u there

Lets get some more signups going!

I will take this gate please thank you

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You got it. See you there.

E18 B78X United Chicago-O’Hare can i change to here from C16 B789 United Frankfurt @Speed_bird_50 (UVAL 314)?

yah u can I will swicth u

Can I get gate D02A to Tokyo please?

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Can I take this one? They use the A359 IRL for this route

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Hey, can I take any gate in the United 772 to Amsterdam?

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@Capitan_Artem @cptlogue @Pingu

New signups

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Can I switch to a United Boeing 737-900ER to Seattle?

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Sure thing. I will switch it.

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I am so sorry, I cant attend the flyout. I have some things to do :(

Is this event still will happen?

C16 B789 United Frankfurt
Can i join?

Can I get Gate D05 but can i fly with the A359? Thanks! I´m exited

Gate D04 please!!

is it not happening?

I thought there would be more people

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