24MAY20 / 1600Z - The Houston Flyout @ KIAH

Summary: Let’s fill United’s 2nd busiest hub

Server: Expert

Airport: KIAH

Time: 2020-05-24T16:00:00Z

Number Attending: 31

Sponsorships: image
This event is sponsored by my VA United! All UVAL flights out of KIAH are receiving a x2 flight time bonus. Join UVAL today here !


Houston Intercontinental Airport is located in Houston, Texas. It is United’s second-largest hub and has plenty of domestic and international flights.

Terminal A
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
A1 A321 Air Canada Toronto-Pearson
A2 CRJ9 Air Canada Calgary
A7 B738 American Charlotte
A8 CRJ2 American Phoenix-Sky Harbor
A9 B738 Delta Atlanta @Udeme_Ekpo
A10 CRJ7 Delta Detriot
A11 A321 JetBlue Boston @DylanCV8
A12 A320 Alaska Seattle-Tacoma
A14 E170 United Havana
A15 CRJ2 United St. Louis @United2 (UVAL 224)
A17 A320 Frontier Denver
A18 A320 Spirit Cancun @Martin_Lorenz
A24 B737 WestJet Calgary
A25 B739 United Seattle @Jack_Q
A26 E170 United Cleveland
A27A CRJ7 United New York-La Guardia
A30 E170 United Bozeman
Terminal B
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
B1 E175 United Nassau
B2 CRJ7 United New Orleans
B3 E170 United Milwaukee
B5 CRJ2 United St. Louis
B6 CRJ7 United Nashville
B7 CRJ2 United Aspen
B9 E175 United Jackson Hole
B10 CRJ7 United San Jose Del Cabo
B12 CRJ2 United Key West
B15 E170 United Norfolk
B17 CRJ7 United Little Rock
B19 CRJ7 United Leon
B22 E170 United Nashville
B23 CRJ7 United Jackson (MS)
B24 CRJ7 United Raliegh/Durham
B26 B738 United Denver
B28 CRJ2 United Boise
B29 CRJ2 United Amarillo
B30 CRJ7 United Albuquerque
B31 E170 United Omaha
B85 E170 United Cincinnati
B86 CRJ7 United Guadalajara
B87 CRJ7 United Knoxville
B88 CRJ2 United Richmond
Terminal C
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
C1 B738 United Baltimore
C2 B752 United Chicago-O’Hare @Prerb
C3 B739 United Denver @DylanCV8
C4 A320 United Orlando
C5 B738 United Orange County
C6 A320 United Grand Caymon
C7 B738 United Eagle/Vail
C8 B772 United Amsterdam @The_Real_Plane_Spott
C9 B738 United Montrose
C10 CRJ7 United Tucson
C11 CRJ7 United Mobile
C14W B772 United Newark @United10 (UVAL 127)
C16 B789 United Frankfurt
C18 B737 United San Diego
C19 CRJ2 United Pittsburg
C21 B738 United San Jose (CA)
C23 B739 United West Palm Beach
C24 B78X United London-Heathrow @Anthony_Williams
C31 A320 United Punta Cana
C32 B737 United Dallas/Fort Worth @Jack_Q (UVAL 122)
C33 B752 United Las Vegas @Infinite_Pro
C34 B739 United San Francisco @yoshi_flyer (UVAL 313)
C40W B772 United Tokyo-Narita @masterkiwi (UVAL 076)
C43 A320 United Lima
C44 B738 United Mexico City
C45 B772 United Honolulu @Patrick_Gallagher (UVAL 002)
Terminal E
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
E1 A320 United Oklahoma CIty
E02W B789 United Munich @West_Mosenteen (UVAL 276)
E04 B772 United San Francisco @CaptainLeo1 (UVAL 270)
E05 B763 United Sao Paulo @yoshi_flyer (UVAL 313)
E07 B789 United Santiago de Chile @CaptainAzriq
E8 CRJ7 United Miami
E10 A320 United Portland (OR)
E11 B737 United Eagle/Vail
E14 A320 United Phoenix-Sky Harbor
E15 B738 United Bogota @Eugene_Leybovich (UVAL 115)
E16 A320 United Quito @Gtmkm98
E18 B78X United Chicago-O’Hare @Speed_bird_50 (UVAL 314)
E20W B772 United Honolulu @anon57683537 (UVAL 281)
E22 B739 United Roatan @Devan
E23 B737 United Edmonton
E24 B752 United Denver @Captain_Batten (UVAL 211)
Terminal D
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
D02A B78X All Nippon Tokyo-Haneda @Capitan_Artem
D04 B773 Air France Paris Charles De Gualle
D05 B773 Air New Zealand Auckland
D06 E190 AeroMexico Mexico City
D07 A388 Emirates Dubai @PocketRishi
D08 A320 Avianca Sab Salvador
D09 B773 British Airways London-Heathrow @KindaTartySliceOfPie
D11 B78X EVA Air Taipei-Taoyuan
Hardstand 04A A359 Qatar Doha @BlueKingGaming
Hardstand 03A B773 Singapore Manchester @cptlogue
Hardstand 02A B748 Lufthansa Frankfurt
Hardstand 01A B78X KLM Amsterdam @Pingu

Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot

Enter your gate, plane, and destination

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
01 B77F Aerologic Toronto
02 B77F FedEx Memphis
03 B748 UPS Ontario
06 B748 Cargolux Luxembourg
07 B763 Amazon Air Cincinnati
10 B748 China Southern Anchorage

NOTE: If ATC is present I am not responsible for any ghost or reports. I am just the host of the event not the judicator.

All above grade 3 can attend. Runways and additional info will be posted the day of the event. Hope to see you there!


Bruh you are making fly outs likes there’s no tomorrow

I’m not sure if I’ll make it so I can’t sign up yet, but we’ll see


Specify the timings in the right order

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Hey there!

Please change the title to “The Houston Flyout @ KIAH- 241600ZMAY20” :)


Sorry acidentally hit entre

Alright everything is fixed!

C14W please!

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Sure thing. See youl there

@United2 UA operates a Boeing 737-700 between here and DFW. Can you put me down for this flight?

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Sure thing. See u there

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Can I please have C34?

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Sure thing. See you there

Event is now sponsored by UVA!

Does that mean I can use planes that are a higher rank?

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Rank does not apply to this event. You could take a flight to Narita if you wanted.

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Okay that’s awesome! I am going to change my route but give me a minute to figure out how long of a flight I can do.

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Hi! I love that you are doing this event! (IAH is one of my favorite airports!) Can you put me on standby for this gate?

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Sure thing. Hope to see you there

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If there’s a flight to HNL in the 77E I’ll take it. UVAL281

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There is but it may be in the 763

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