24MAY 24 | Friday Flash Flight | Hong Kong - Taipei

Friday Flash Flight

Cathay Pacific Virtual

Welcome to another group flight from us. In this event, we embark on a journey from Hong Kong to Taipei. Cathay Pacific typically operates more than 10 flights per day between Hong Kong and Taipei. Along with other competitors, the Hong Kong to Taipei route is one of the most busiest route in the world.

Taipei, situated in Northern Taiwan, serves as the secondary hub for Cathay Pacific, facilitating connections for numerous travelers to diverse destinations. Additionally, the city is renowned for its culinary delights and tourist attractions.

Join us on Cathay Pacific flights to Taipei to experience the charm of Taipei.

Hong Kong - Taipei - 24 May 1400Z

Dep ICAO Arr ICAO Aircraft Airline Fuel Duration Cruise Altitude
VHHH RCTP A33 Cathay Pacific N/A 1 hour N/A

Flight Info

Flight Plan


Departure Info

Gate Dep Runway SID

Arrival Info

Gates Arr Runway STAR APPR

As this is a IFATC featured route, no ATC assignments needed.

We are pleased to have these VAs presented to support our event.

Name Route Arrival Time
@virtualsas VHHH-RCTP 1500Z
@QatariVirtual VHHH-RCTP 1500Z
@HainanVA VHHH-RCTP 1500Z
@ChinaAirlines_VA VHHH-RCTP 1500Z
@Singapore_Virtual VHHH-RCTP 1500Z
@Etihad_Virtual VHHH-RCTP 1500Z
@FinnairVA VHHH-RCTP 1600Z
@ANAVirtualGroup VHHH-RCTP 1900Z
@AmericanVirtual VHHH-RCTP 2230Z
@AirCanadaVirtual VHHH-RCTP 2300Z

  • Please be respectful to other pilots and ATC controllers, keep patient when there is heavy traffic flow expected.
  • Keep appropriate separation both on ground and airborne.
  • Follow ATC instructions at all times if present, and if not, please adhere to Expert Server rules and the above charts. Use Unicom respectfully and correctly.
  • CXVA is not responsible for any violations you may receive, and immature behaviour could result in disciplinary action within CXVA, including suspension. * Please be respectful to other pilots and ATC controllers, keep patient when there is heavy traffic flow expected.

About us

CXVA(Cathay Pacific Virtual) is an excellent virtual airline for the only platform-Infinite Flight. It was founded in 2020 and approved by IFVARB in 2021. CXVA is founded to provide a colorful platform which is well designed and managed. We always welcome every single enthusiast to join us and have a better flying experience. Most importantly, we set different modes and membership systems that match the real life membership to let you have a real experience and you can even be in our staff team to make CXVA better than ever.

We’ve done a lot of effort to expand Cathay Pacific virtual 's network. We are members of One World Virtual. In addition to building codecs that match the real CX, we have also built codeshare with other VA and have now greatly expanded our network around the world.

Contact us | Our thread | Our Website

Credits: @G_Captain


TAROM Virtual would love to attend this! :)

Our Arrival time will be 17:15BST

Many thanks,

| @If.EnglandYT


Thank you! See you there!

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Well I first misread “Friday Night Flight” I was like “OMG” lol

(For most recents IFC members, Friday Night Flight was a weekly event hosted by IF staff with a designated airport each week when we were hundreds of people to come)

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Agree, FNF used to a special memory for most of the members :)

Make sure to join them if the time they choose available for you as well.


We look forward to joining you guys!
Greetings from your friends at Finnair Virtual.


Already 10 VAs have signed up for the event. Hope to see you there soon!

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We are happy to be there and joining you!

Cheers from AYVA,

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We’re more than happy to have AYVA joining us!

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