24MAR24: Washington Dulles Flyout

@TXVA hello 👋
Absolutely! Few questions for y’all

  • do y’all prefer a specific concourse?
  • do you have an event sponsorship banner?
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You can use this event banner:

You can choose a concourse that is convenient for you. Just requesting 5 gates together.


Roger that

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You know how much I wanna go @United403
But I can’t.

please and thank you

@Hello8 amazing choice

Can I take Gate C23 to KBZN?

@CedricFlys ofc 😛

starts 2:30 before that

I might be able to join, don’t know yet. I‘ll set my stats to interested

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this one please

@Shane_Rossler amazing choice

I will take this please

@American367 coming right up

@United403, Can we switch my plane out for the E175?
That’s the plane that they’re operating on that route right now.

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I’ll take this, or maybe Center?

@AviationChampion either is very very appreciated! Your choice

I’ll do Center


@AviationChampion Roger that

Can I take this one but switch it to an A319 or A321?