24MAR24: Washington Dulles Flyout

Welcome back to yet another event, in the stunning U.S capitol of Washington D.C. The cities hosts 3 commercial airports, with Dulles being the biggest, which is a hub for united airlines. Washington D.C is known for amazing victorian architecture from the U.S capitol building and White House, and its amazing museums and monuments to commemorate presidents and the countries nearly 300 year history! Join me in late march to give this historic city some traffic! 🇺🇸✈️🏛️

Event Information
Airport: Washington Dulles Int’l Airport KIAD
Time: 2200z, 3pm mst
Date: March 24th, 2024
Server: Expert Server

A Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
A1A United Albany CRJ2
A1B United Austin E175
A1C United Newark E175 @Cole_Woodard
A1D United Knoxville E175
A1E United Newark E175
A1F United Columbus CRJ2
A1G United Roanoke CRJ2
A2A United Savannah E175
A2B United Rochester CRJ2
A2C United Syracuse CRJ2
A2E United Burlington E175
A2F United San Antonio E175
A2G United Charlottesville CRJ2
A3A United Ottawa CRJ2
A3B United Norfolk CRJ2
A3C United Toronto CRJ2
A3E United Traverse City E175
A3F United Key West E175
A4A United Panama City FL CRJ2
A4B United Buffalo E175
A4C United New Orleans E175
A4E United Kansas City E175 @RagonDragon
A4F United Pittsburg CRJ2
A5A United St. Louis E175
A5B United Hartford E175
A5C United New York LGA E175
A5E United Montreal E175
A5F United Johnstown PA CRJ2
A6A United Providence E175
A6B United Atlanta E175
A6C United Charlotte CRJ2
A6E United Huntsville CRJ7
A14 Austrian Vienna B772
A15 Egyptair Cairo A333
A19 Virgin Atlantic London Heathrow A339
A20 Air China Beijing B77W
A23 Air France Paris A380 @Clement_Noel
A24 Norse London Gatwick B789
A31 Air India Delhi B77W
A32 Aer Lingus Dublin A333 @United403
B Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
B37 Swiss Zurich B77W
B40 SAS Copenhagen A333
B41 ANA Tokyo Haneda B789
B44 Emirates Dubai A380
B45 Qatar Doha A359 @Ryan_Carney
B48 KLM Amsterdam B772
B49 ITA Airways Rome A359 @PhorzaSky
B50 Reserved for @TXVA
B62 Reserved for @TXVA
B63 Reserved for @TXVA
B64 Reserved for @TXVA
B65 Copa Panama City B738
B66 Reserved for @TXVA
B67 Southwest Chicago midway B737
B70 Porter Toronto City Q400
B71 Southwest Denver B737
B72 Alaska Seattle B739
B73A Turkish Airlines Istanbul B789
B74 Alaska San Francisco B738
B76 Alaska San Diego B738
B78 Sun Country Minneapolis B738 @Mort
B79A TAP Lisbon A339 @ayyjay
C Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
C1 United Amman B789
C2 United Frankfurt B772
C3 United Accra B767
C4 United Geneva B767
C5 United Zurich B767
C6 United Paris B772
C7 United Tokyo Haneda B789
C8 United Munich B772
C9 United Houston B739 @Muhammedj14
C11 United Athens B78X @whyevenbothernaming
C12 United Madrid B767
C14 United Lisbon B78X
C17 United Barcelona B767
C18 United Los Angeles B757 @MD-11F
C19 United Atlanta MD-11 @Topgottem
C20 United Aruba B739
C22 United Grand Cayman B739
C23 United Bozeman A320
C24 United Edinburgh B757 @Ben_Walsh
C26 United Palm Beach A320
C27 United Sao Paulo B767
C28 United Chicago B757 @Nicholas_Thiemonge
D Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
D1 United Punta Cana B738
D2 United Orlando B757 @American367
D3 Royal Air Maroc Casablanca B788 @Crunchymonkey12345
D4 United San Fransisco B757
D5 Saudi Riyadh B77W @Hello8
D6 United Hayden Colorado B757 @Shane_Rossler
D7 Lufthansa Frankfurt A380 @Prestoni
D8 United Nashville B737
D10 United New Orleans A320
D11 United Denver B739
D12 United Las Vegas B739
D14 United San Juan B739
D15 Etihad Abu Dhabi A380
D16 United Key West E175
D18 United Seattle B738
D19 United Sarasota B737
D20 United Barbados B738
D21 Ethiopian Addis Ababa A359
D23 Brussels Airlines Brussels A333
D24 United St. Marteen B738
D26 United Lagos B767
D29 Iberia Madrid A333
D30 Korean Airlines Seoul Incheon B789 @Frankfurt05
D32 British Airways London Heathrow A380 @CedricFlys
Z Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
Z6 Air Canada Toronto E175
Z7 Aeromexico Mexico City B738
Z9 WestJet Calgary B737
Z10 Volaris San Salvador A319
Z12 Avianca Bogota A320
Z14 Icelandair Reykjavík-Keflavík B757
FedEx Ramp
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
1 FedEx Jacksonville MD-11F
2 FedEx Indianapolis MD-11F
3 FedEx Memphis B77F
4 FedEx New York MD-11F
5 FedEx Harrisburg C208
6 FedEx Newark C208
Dulles Jet Center
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
1 @VistaJetVA
2 @VistaJetVA
3 @VistaJetVA
4 @VistaJetVA
5 @VistaJetVA
6 @VistaJetVA
7 @VistaJetVA
8 @VistaJetVA

Frequency User
ATIS @Butter575
Ground @Butter575
Tower @Butter575
Washington center @AviationChampion
New York center @AviationChampion

  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If you intend to fly in from another airport please time it accordingly
  • I am not responsible any level 1,2 or 3 violations
  • If no ATC is not present use Unicom as professional as possible
  • Respect all other attendees
  • Have Fun
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B78 Sun Country Minneapolis B738



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