24JUL21 / 1600Z - The San Diego Vibes Flyout @ KSAN

The San Diego Flyout

Howdy and welcome to beautiful San Diego, California! San Diego San Diego is a coastal city located just north of the California-Mexico border on the Pacific Ocean, known for it’s beautiful climate, great food, and fun beaches. San Diego International Airport (KSAN) has a wide variety of routes to locations across the United States and the world. Now with 3D buildings in 21.3, let’s show this airport some love!

Event Date/Time: 2021-07-24T16:00:00Z

Server: Expert


Terminal 1

Special NOTAM: If you’d like to take a special livery please ask. They will be offered on a first come first serve basis.

If there are multiple aircraft shown for a route, it means you may choose whichever one you want.

Gate Airline/Aircraft Destination Est. Flight Time Pilot
1A Southwest Airlines 737-800 Chicago-Midway 3 hours 30 minutes @ORD777flyer
1 Southwest Airlines 737-700 Las Vegas 50 minutes @WestCoastAviator
2 Southwest Airlines 737-800 Nashville 3 hours 30 minutes @thenewpilot
3 Southwest Airlines 737-800 Baltimore 4 hours 50 minutes
4 Southwest Airlines 737-800 Oakland 1 hour 5 minutes @Maher_Madarati13
5 Southwest Airlines 737-800 Kona 5 hours 5 minutes @Nick17
6 Southwest Airlines 737-800 Lihue 5 hours 20 minutes @Jackson_Hawker
7 Southwest Airlines 737-700 St. Louis 3 hours 10 minutes Reserved for SWVA
8 Southwest Airlines 737-700 Dallas-Love 2 hours 30 minutes Reserved for SWVA
9 Southwest Airlines 737-800 Austin 2 hours 25 minutes Reserved for SWVA
10 Southwest Airlines 737-700 Sacramento 1 hour 10 minutes Reserved for SWVA
11C Southwest Airlines 737-700 Houston-Hobby 2 hours 45 minutes @WheelerAviation
12 Southwest Airlines 737-700 Reno 1 hour 35 minutes @AviationFreak
13 Southwest Airlines 737-800 Kansas City 2 hours 40 minutes @CamelGuy
14 Southwest Airlines 737-700 Boise 2 hours 40 minutes
15 JetBlue A321 Fort Lauderdale 4 hours 20 minutes @wpal123jet
16 JetBlue A320 Boston 5 hours 30 minutes @JBU173
17 Frontier A320 Denver 1 hour 55 minutes @Brownie
18 Spirit A320 Detroit 3 hours 45 minutes
20 Allegiant A320 Bellingham 2 hours 30 minutes
East Ramp 1 Southwest Airlines 737-700 San Jose (CA) 55 minutes @american69
East Ramp 2 Allegiant Airlines A320 Glacier Park/Kalispell 2 hours 30 minutes
East Ramp 3 Southwest Airlines 737-700 San Antonio 2 hours 20 minutes
Terminal 2

Special NOTAM: If you’d like to take a special livery please ask. They will be offered on a first come first serve basis.

If there are multiple aircraft shown for a route, it means you may choose whichever one you want.

Gate Airline/Aircraft Destination Est. Flight Time Pilot
21 Alaska Airlines 737-900 Orlando 4 hours 30 minutes @nativetoalaska
22 Alaska Airlines A320 Portland (PDX) 2 hours @Antoniobig25
24 Alaska Airlines 737-900 (More to Love) Seattle 2 hours 20 minutes @AlaskaAirfireball111
26 Alaska Airlines 737-900 Puerto Vallarta 2 hours 15 minutes @plane_guy12
28 Alaska Airlines 737-900 San Jose Del Cabo 1 hour 45 minutes @DimitriB
32 American Airlines 737-800/A321 Dallas-Ft. Worth 2 hours 30 minutes @RyMan
31 American Airlines 737-800/A321 Charlotte 4 hours 10 minutes @askrdl
29 American Airlines 737-800 Chicago-O’Hare 3 hours 25 minutes
27 American Airlines 737-800 Miami 4 hours 25 minutes
25 American Airlines 737-800/A321 Phoenix 50 minutes @klax.aviator
23 American Airlines A321 Philadelphia 4 hours 40 minutes @Lachlanavitor
33 Alaska Airlines 737-900 Spokane 2 hours 15 minutes
34 Alaska Airlines 737-800 Honolulu 5 hours 20 minutes
35 Alaska Airlines 737-900 Kahului 5 hours 10 minutes @Captain_T_Malone
36 Delta Air Lines 757-200/A321 Minneapolis 3 hours @Haifan_Day
37 Delta Air Lines 757-200 Detroit 3 hours 40 minutes @travelingcornstalk
38 Delta Air Lines 757-200/767-300 New York-JFK 4 hours 40 minutes @MainSky
39 United Airlines 757-200 Newark 4 hours 35 minutes @Pingu
40 United Airlines A320 San Francisco 1 hour @Finnishboy
41 United Airlines 737-800/A320 Washington-Dulles 4 hours 30 minutes
42 United Airlines E170/CRJ-700 Los Angeles 25 minutes @SofiaValdivia
43 United Airlines 737-800 Chicago-O’Hare 3 hours 25 minutes @Diehard4000
44 United Airlines 737-900 Denver 1 hour 50 minutes @BobMcFarland
45 United Airlines 737-900 Houston-Intercontinental 2 hours 45 minutes @Alden_Jesus_Carballo
46 Delta Air Lines 757-200/767-300 Atlanta 3 hours 45 minutes @Tharealjaay
47 Delta Air Lines A321 Salt Lake City 1 hour 30 minutes @bbrockairbus
48 Japan Airlines 787-9 Tokyo-Narita 11 hours
50A British Airways 777-300ER London-Heathrow 8 hours 15 minutes* @darkeyes
51 Lufthansa A340-600 Frankfurt 10 hours 30 minutes* @Planecrazy747
West Ramp 1 Delta Air Lines A320/737-800 Seattle 2 hours 15 minutes
West Ramp 2 Air Canada Express CRJ-900 Vancouver 2 hours 35 minutes*
West Ramp 3 Air Canada Rouge A319 Toronto 4 hours 20 minutes* @Stoicgamer89
West Ramp 4 WestJet 737-700 Calgary 3 hours*
  • = there’s no current IRL flight, so flight times may be inaccurate
Gate Airline/Aircraft Destination Est. Flight Time Pilot
Cargo Ramp 1 FedEx Express 777-200F Memphis 3 hours 20 minutes @Patricksammonyt1
Cargo Ramp 2 FedEx Express 777-200F Indianapolis 3 hours 25 minutes
Cargo Ramp 3 FedEx Express 777-200F Oakland 1 hour 5 minutes @Merge_Editz
Cargo Ramp 4 FedEx Express 777-200F Tijuana 25 minutes
Cargo Ramp 5 UPS MD-11F Louisville 2 hours 30 minutes
Cargo Ramp 6 UPS MD-11F Ontario 25 minutes

All Aircraft/Destination Pilot Choice, aircraft up to 737-700 BBJ.

Gate Aircraft Destination Est. Flight Time Pilot
Ramp GA 1 C750 Aspen 1:30 @ItsBlitz Ramp GA 2
Ramp GA 3
Ramp GA 4
Ramp GA 5
Ramp GA 6
Ramp GA 7
Ramp GA 8
Ramp GA 9
Ramp GA 10


ATIS: @Rhys_V
Ground: @Ross
Tower: @Ross
Departure/Approach: @Rhys_V
Los Angeles Center:

Please reply below if you are interested in staffing this event.


  • Abide by all IFATC instructions if present. Remember that IFATC instructions override a filed flight plan. If IFATC is not present, use common courtesy and remember to announce all intentions on Unicom. Violations will be enforced.

  • I am not responsible for any L1, L2, or L3 violations incurred during this event. (unless I’m the one that gave them out)

  • You are responsible for getting your own flight plan. One helpful resource is fpltoif.com. If you need help making/getting a flight plan, let me know.

Have fun, take cool screenshots, and I hope to see you there!

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Photo Sources

Photo 1 - San Diego - Ogletree Deakins
Photo 2 - San Diego International Airport Terminal 2 Aerial SAN Sunset Pho - Toby Harriman


I’ll control ground

Thanks Ross! See you there!

Please take me

May I have this flight? (Could I also do More To Love?)

@Rolls @AlaskaAirfireball111 you both have been signed up! See you there!

I’ll take San Diego Approach, Departure, and ATIS for the event please, Mr. Rocco

Thanks, Rhys!

Now we just need Tower and Center

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I’ll take this one please

Can I have fedex 777-200f to Oakland

I’ll take this gate, if you don’t mind.

Could I have JetBlue gate 15

42 / United Airlines E170 / CRJ-700 los Angeles / 25 minutos.Could you give me this Gate please :)

ill take this one :)

Hello I would love this gate to fly to dallas ft worth thank you!

You’ve all been signed up!


Thank u this is gonna be fun!

Thank you!

I’ll take this flight

I won’t be able to make it any more sorry!