24JAN22 / 3630Z - London and the World @EGLL @EGSS @EGKK

                            London and The World

Source : Heathrow Airport (UK) Complaints

Hi everybody ! I do my first event at the three airports of London.
London Heathrow connects all continents with all companies ;
London Stansted is used by Easyjet, Ryanair and British Airways ;
London Gatwick connects Europe, with lowcosts companies.

Server: Training Server

Airports: London Heathrow EGLL ;
London Gatwick EGKK :
London Stansted EGSS

Time: 2022-01-24T14:30:00Z2022-01-26T16:00:00Z

Registrations: To register, please answer me by leaving a comment, with type of plane, airline, route and schedule. I will answer you by indicating the assigned door. Please specify the chosen London airport.

ATC: To become ATC, please contact me, and tell me the chosen time and the desired London airport. Attention, to allow a good time for all, a slot of 30 minutes will be allocated to you only.

For more informations, please leave a comment, I will reply in 2 hours about


amazing topic I’m not sure if I can. attend but if I can il let you know

Ok ! Do you want me to sign you up?

oh sorry the time works for me but it is on my first day of school right in the middle of that day

but il share it with some people who I think might be able to attend

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I wish I can join but my subscription ends the day after

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Oh yes of course! But Can you specify tour complète Flight please?

Wait sorry I mean before I am sooo sorry

iv posted it on the cape town flyout so if people see it the will join

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No problem. A another time maybe!

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also have you considered moving it to the same time as the Cape town flyout since it seems to be a time where the most people in the world are free

It goes for two days tho

oh it does sorry i didn’t look at the date

then i might be able to come

il let you know

It isn’t mandatory toi participate during two days! You Can Do all you want

can i come with the b777f lufthansa from EDDF? Landing to EGLL

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Yes, of course, I register you !
After your flight, do you want a slot of 30 min for ATC ?

Hi , i would like to fly saudia b777-300er to oejn jeddah as saudia 057VA

Departure: t4

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