24JAN21 / 2100Z - From the Golden Gate to the World @KSFO

Welcome to the Golden Gate Flyout, taking place at San Francisco International Airport in the beautiful Bay Area in Northern California. From pristine beaches to redwood forests, this region holds incredible adventure and scenery, both in the real world and in Infinite Flight!

This event is being hosted by @PilotChrisSG


Date & Time of Event: 2021-01-24T21:00:00Z

San Francisco International Airport is the 2nd busiest airport in California and the 7th busiest in the United States. It serves as a hub for United Airlines and Alaska Airlines, and is United’s primary transpacific gateway. SFO dates back to 1927, when it was first created and started receiving airline service. The airport has 4 terminals made up of 7 concourses in addition to many maintenance stands on account of it being a United maintenance hub.


Please spawn in about 15 minutes before the event.*
Do not attempt to pushback at the same time as the person beside you.
If ATC is present, follow all ATC instructions.
Respect IFATC or UNICOM at all times.
Please look at any Airport Charts & Runway Config. Information to be better prepared for the event.

@PilotChrisSG is not responsible for any violations received during this event.


KSFO Terminal 1 Concourse B
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
B20 Southwest B738 KPHX (Phoenix)
B21 Southwest B737 KLAS (Las Vegas)
B22 Southwest B738 KBUR (Burbank)
B23 Southwest B737 KLAX (Los Angeles)
B24 American A320 KLAX (Los Angeles)
B25 American A321 KDFW (Dallas/Fort Worth)
B26 American A321 KPHL (Philadelphia)
B27 American A321 KJFK (New York)
B28 JetBlue A321 KEWR (Newark)
B29 JetBlue A321 KJFK (New York)
B30 JetBlue A321 KBOS (Boston)
KSFO Terminal 1 Concourse C
Gates Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
C40 Delta B738 KLAX (Los Angeles)
C41 Delta A319 KSLC (Salt Lake City)
C42 Delta A321 KMSP (Minneapolis)
C43 Delta B739 KDTW (Detroit)
C44 Delta B738 KSEA (Seattle)
C45 Delta B738 KCVG (Cincinnati)
C46 Delta B738 KATL (Atlanta)
C47 Delta B752 KBOS (Boston)
C48 Delta B752 KJFK (New York)
KSFO Terminal 2 Concourse D
Gate Airline Aircraft Route Name Notes
D50A Alaska B739 KSEA (Seattle)
D50B Alaska B738 KLAS (Las Vegas)
D51A Alaska A320 KPSP (Palm Springs)
D51B Alaska A320 KIAD (Washington-Dulles)
D52 Alaska A320 KMCO (Orlando)
D53 Alaska B738 KPDX (Portland)
D54A Alaska A320 KEWR (Newark)
D54B Alaska B738 PHOG (Kahului)
D55 Alaska B739 KBOI (Boise)
D56A Alaska B738 KSAN (San Diego)
D56B Alaska A320 KAUS (Austin)
D57 Alaska B738 KSNA (Orange County)
D58A Alaska B738 KORD (Chicago O’Hare)
D58B Alaska B738 KRDM (Redmond/Bend)
D59 Alaska B738 KMSO (Missoula)
KSFO Cargo Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
50-01 EVA Air B77F RCTP (Taipei-Taoyuan)
50-02 China Airlines B744 RCTP (Taipei-Taoyuan)
50-03 Korean Air Cargo B748 RKSI (Seoul-Incheon)
50-04 Asiana B744 RKSI (Seoul-Incheon)
50-05 Nippon Cargo B748 RJAA (Tokyo-Narita)
50-06 EVA Air B77F PANC (Anchorage)
50-07 FedEx B77F KMEM (Memphis)
50-08 DHL B77F KLAX (Los Angeles)

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