24JAN21 / 1900Z - [Insert Title Here] @ KATL to KIAD

Aircraft and Livery: United Airlines Fleet

🛫 Atlanta KATL ➡️ 🛫 Washington Dulles KIAD

Time Of Departure: Sunday January 24 at14:00 EST/ 19:00 Zulu

Server: Training

Additional Information:

Speed Procedure:
Speed 1: 240 IAS to FL100
Speed 2: 310 IAS to FL280
Speed 3: M.80 to FL320

Copy FPL from Captain Lewis
Copy FPL before Pushback
VS 2500/ FL320/ Speed M.80/ spacing 8-10 NM/ Duration 1.5 hours


Hey cool flight. Unfortunately it is out of the 3 hr time frame. Maybe post it closer to the departure time!

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Can i join?

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