24JAN21 / 1900Z - Funday Sunday Group Flight — Scandinavia @ ESGG to BIKF

Welcome to our Funday Sunday Group Flight - Scandinavia

  • Aircraft and Livery: Boeing and Airbus Series SAS/Norwegian Livery

  • Route: ESGG Goteborg- BIKF Reykjavik

  • Time of Departure: Meeting 1900Z @ ESGG , Startup 1915Z

  • Server: Training Server


  • Additional Information:
    Copy Flightplan before Startup!
    ↔️Please maintain even spacing of min. 10 NM

Yessssss! NICE EVENT!


Meeting in 33 Minutes on ESGG Airport! JOIN US!


              FLIGHT IN PROGRESS!

i controlled the Sweden, Norwegian Center. some of that group flight followed and contacted me. but what i experienced is that nearly no one followd my instructions. yes its Training Server but when i see people that are Grade 5 and also flying on Expert Server i expect that they follow instructions. they had Tower and Ground from some one of there Group and they listened to his instruction but didn’t do with others instructions ?

can you please STOP trolling our events!!! we’ve a problem with you at every event! fly through us. occupies the frequencies and then want to portray us badly. PLEASE STOP!!!

what ? i never flew through anyone in your last events and the ATC Frequencies are for all IF members. also everyone has to respect that. I respected that you were flying there and so i tried to make my best in center. but when your not following instructions i cant do anything so i don’t troll your events just because i’m in an ATC Frequencie.

@CrazyBee It is always amazing to see the extent of your audacity. How can you even remotely expect any of us to take you serious, when all you do is trolling and getting on our nerves. We’ve had it with you! Get it in your head, your presence is not appreciated! Go troll someone else… on another platform.

Thank you, byebye

are you sure? Didn’t you troll us at the landing contest last week?? the replay is lying right? Or leave stupid comments on youtube? just stop…

Quick Question. Do you know who the display name was from the trolling?

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his name is CRAZYBEE

Proof that it’s him?

come on … just stop strolling us. bye

We’re not trolling you guys. I’m just trying to help you guys so you won’t have trolls

indeed, there are lots of prior replays and live streams showing his display name, VO and Grade. lots of whitnesses aswell.

I’ll PM you. Standby my friend


I really don’t understand why or how this has escalated to this point…but might I point out that topics in #live:groupflights cannot be affiliated with a VA/VO, so regardless of trolling and whatnot, both parties are at fault.

I could care less who’s trolling or who’s not, but a #live:groupflights topic isn’t the place to be arguing like this. If you have an issue, PM the user in question and discuss it respectfully there.


he is a former member. maybe that will help you understand

My bad, I’ll remove the thread banner from the event title.

I don’t know what is trolling at an ATC center? Did he make wrong announcements? Or did he spam someone completely?

If it isn’t, I think this discussion is unnecessary because I can’t see trolling here. This is my point of view.

In addition, everyone can use the ATC in training. If there is anything tangible then get in touch 😉

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