24JAN21 / 1800Z - Aeroméxico Virtual’s Second Year Anniversary @ MMGL

As the Mexican Flag Carrier Virtual Airline we are proud to say that this month we will have been flying in the Mexican skies for two years, to celebrate we have planned an event in the beautiful City of Guadalajara.

We are happy to announce this Fly-Out event at Miguel Hidalgo International Airport [MMGL]. This event is expected to be busy and promises to be unique, please take a look at all the event details and request a gate.

Server: Expert
Date/Time: 2021-01-24T18:00:00Z
Airport: Guadalajara International Airport


Tower/ATIS: @Edoardo_C
Ground: @WesleyHenrich
Approach/Departure: @Astreal
Center: @Neto_Campelo

Domestic Flights (1 Gate Available)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot Callsign Flight Time
Gate 12A Aeroméxico B737 MMUN @JetSuperior5192 2:15
Gate 10 Aeroméxico B737 MMMX @B6TWUFA AMVA06 0:50
Gate 5 Aeroméxico B737 MMSD @xvalespx AZVA31 1:15
Gate 4 Aeroméxico B737 MMTJ @Vox 2:50
Gate 3 Aeroméxico B737 MMMY @Marco_Rdz AMVA14 1:05
Remote Stand 28 Viva Aerobús A320 MMMD @Icengelbre 1:50
Remote Stand 29 Volaris A319 MMVR @IFFM_InFlightMexico 1:10
Remote Stand 30 Viva Aerobús A320 MMVA @Hans_Bied AMVA08 1:30
Remote Stand 32 Viva Aerobús A320 MMRX @IFFM_jhon_Garcia 1:10
Remote Stand 33 Volaris A319 MMPS @Lucas_Botelho 1:15
Remote Stand 34 Viva Aerobús A320 MMVR @IzumiSagiri 1:10
Remote Stand 35 Volaris A319 MMAA @JuanCa_Alvarez 1:00
Remote Stand 36 Viva Aerobús A320 MMTG @Alejandro_Castaneda 1:35
Remote Stand 37 Volaris A319 MMMX @mitchjansen2005 1:00
Remote Stand 38 Viva Aerobús A320 MMLP @Miguel_Lara AMVA50 1:20
Remote Stand 39 Mexicana A318 MMMX @Da-la_nay 0:50
Remote Stand 40 Mexicana Link CRJ2 MMOX @Andres 1:10
Remote Stand 41 Aeroméxico B737 MMUN @InfiniteFlight-14 AMVA13 2:15
Remote Stand 42 Aeroméxico B737 MMMX @aviation.mst 0:50
Remote Stand 43 Aeroméxico B737 MMSD @Enrique_Fernandez AMVA01 1:15
Remote Stand 44 Aeroméxico B737 MMTJ @xb-andi AMVA05 2:50
Remote Stand 45 Aeroméxico B737 MMMY @Enrique_Bautista 1:05
International Flights (3 Gates Available)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot Callsign Flight Time
Gate 11 Aeroméxico B737 KORD 3:30
Gate 9 Aeroméxico B737 KLAX @Calfire 3:20
Gate 8 Aeroméxico B737 KLAX @Antonio10231 AMVA60 3:00
Gate 7 Aeroméxico B737 KSMF @AliAlex AMVA19 4:00
Gate 6 Aeroméxico B737 KSFO @Tachi_Berbera 3:50
Gate 1A Alaska B739 KLAX @emi8av7 3:00
Gate 2 Alaska B739 KSJC @Adalia_Santiago17 3:40
Remote Stand 21 American A320 KDFW @CaptainSamKLM 2:00
Remote Stand 22 Avianca A320 SKBO @David_Mogollon 3:20
Remote Stand 49 American Eagle CRJ9 KPHX @InfiniteFlight_Shots 2:20
Remote Stand 23 Copa B738 MPTO @GBKarp 3:30
Remote Stand 24 Delta B738 KATL @Cooper_Marcukaitis 2:50
Remote Stand 25 Delta B738 KATL @Nee 2:50
Remote Stand 26 Delta A319 KSLC 3:20
Remote Stand 27 United B737 KIAH @IF_KGRR 1:45 I
Remote Stand 31 Volaris A319 KSAT @SebastianSanchezLara 1:30
Remote Stand 46 Aeroméxico B737 KFAT 3:20
Remote Stand 47 Aeroméxico B737 KLAX @Laminar AVZA68 3:00
Remote Stand 48 Aeroméxico B737 KSFO @IFLA222 3:50
Cargo (FULL)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot Callsign Flight Time
Gate 13 Qatar Cargo B77F KLAX @Kevin_Uriel_Perez_Bl 3:00
Gate 14 DHL B77F KCVG @Jesus_Farias_Ramirez 3:00
Gate 15 Air France Cargo B77F LFPG @Diego11 AMVA16 10:00
Gate 16 Emirates Cargo B77F KIAH @CrusherTaco 1:40
Gate 17 Lufthansa Cargo B77F KDFW @MainSky 2:00
Gate 18A Cargolux B748 KIAH @Tre_Dior 1:40
Gate 20A FedEx B77F KMEM @Joss_PeCarbal 2:30

Please follow all ATC instructions.

Please reserve a gate in the comments section.

You can choose any other REAL route, please request it in the comments section with the corresponding aircraft and we will assign you a gate if available. Please note that MMGL has a limited number of heavy gates.

Please spawn at the gate 15 minutes before the event starts.

Sky Team VA and VOIVA members are asked to provide their callsign when reserving a gate.

The use of SIDs is mandatory, please take a moment to read the charts

Take photos and enjoy the event!!!

Aeroméxico Virtual has been around since January 2019, We have around 50 active pilots, over 20,000 logged hours, and 340 routes to 85 destinations.

We want to invite you to discover new horizons, in one of the most important airlines. Live your dream, in a professional team, where every day you’ll learn and become a virtual aviator, as well as one more member of this aviation family.

We give great importance to our events as we like to fly with all the pilots and give them great experiences with our amazing routes, We promise to produce spectacular events!

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I would like to reserve gate 8 Aeromexico to LAX. My callsign is AMVA60.

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I’ll take this gate plz, and thx!

Can i please reserve gate 4 aeromexico B737 to tijuana

Hello, Can I please take this gate?
Callsign: Aeromexico 19VA

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Hi! May I reserve Gate 5 to MMSD?
Callsign: Alitalia 31VA


Remote Stand 38 please!



I am joining this great event. Please book for me
Gate 8 Aeroméxico B737 KLAX
Callsign : AZVA66



Gate 8 Aeroméxico B737 KLAX
pls call sign calfire or Aeromexico456

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@Antonio10231 @Cooper_Marcukaitis @Vox @AliAlex @xvalespx @Miguel_Lara Now you have a gate, thanks for coming!

@Laminar @Calfire Gate 8 has been taken but I assigned you another gate for the same destination, thanks for coming!


Buenas tardes. Podría llevar esta puerta por favor? Gracias :)

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@JetSuperior5192 Gate 12A is yours, enjoy the flight!

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Muchísimas gracias AMVA :)

Thanks a lot

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Grazie mille!

See you there @aeromexicovirtual!


Can I get MMGL-MMMX AeroMexico 737

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@B6TWUFA Sure!!! it’s yours

Can I get this one please? Thanks!
(A318 Mexicana to MMMX)

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Sure, thanks for coming @Da-la_nay

I’ll take this one. Thanks

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I want the KSFO Gate please! 🔥

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