24DEC22 | 2100Z | Copenhagen Christmas Eve Fly-in/Fly-out

Copenhagen Christmas Eve Fly-in/Fly-out


Hello and welcome to the Copenhagen Christmas Eve Fly-in/Fly-out!

This event will be hosted by myself along with Norwegian Virtual and will be held at Copenhagen Kastrup International Airport (CPH/EKCH) on the 24th of December, 2022 at 2100z.

[Referenced from Wikipedia]
Copenhagen is the capital and most populous city of Denmark. Copenhagen Airport, opened in 1925, is Scandinavia’s largest airport, located in Kastrup on the island of Amager. It is connected to the city centre by metro and main line railway services. The airport is the main hub out of three used by Scandinavian and is also an operating base for Sunclass Airlines and Norwegian.

I have partnered up with Norwegian Virtual to bring you this event! There will be many gates reserved for them during the event. Pilots from Norwegian Virtual may fly from these gates to anywhere they want!

As this will be held during winter, it will be dark during the event. I urge all pilots to follow taxiway lights and ATC instructions to avoid unnecessary violations or collisions with other pilots.

Event Information

Sever: Expert
Airport: Copenhagen Kastrup International (CPH/EKCH)
Timing: 2022-12-23T21:00:00Z2022-12-24T01:00:00Z

Gate Allocations

Terminal 1

LOT, Eurowings, Finnair, SAS, Swiss, Air Baltic, Vueling, Luxair and Iberia Express operate out of Terminal 1.

Gate Airline Aircraft Airport Pilot
A21 Finnair A321-200 Helsinki
A22 LOT E175 Warsaw
A23 SAS A320-200 Frankfurt
A24 SAS CRJ-900 Brussels
A26 Swiss A220-300 Zürich @harrisonsauter111
A27 Eurowings A320-200 Dusseldorf
A28 Luxair Q400 Luxembourg
A30 Vueling A320-200 Gran Canaria
A31 Vueling A320-200 Barcelona
A32 Iberia Express A321-200 Madrid
A33 Air Baltic A220-300 Tallinn @Wonderousbuilder641
A34 Air Baltic A220-300 Riga
Terminal 2

Air France, Icelandair, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Lufthansa, KLM, Austrian, LOT, Brussels Airlines and SAS operate out of Terminal 2.

Concourse A
Gate Airline Aircraft Airport Pilot
A03 British Airways A321-200 London LHR
A04 Air France A320-200 Paris CDG
A05 Lufthansa A320-200 Frankfurt
A06 Lufthansa A320-200 Munich
A07 KLM 737-900 Amsterdam
A08 Austrian A321-200 Vienna
A09 LOT E175 Warsaw
A11 Brussels Airlines A319-200 Brussels
A12 @norwegianairvirtual 737-800 @IF.NORWAY
A14 @norwegianairvirtual 737-800
A15 @norwegianairvirtual 737-800
A17 @norwegianairvirtual 737-800
A18 @norwegianairvirtual 737-800
A19 @norwegianairvirtual 737-800
A21 @norwegianairvirtual 737-800
Concourse B
Gate Airline Aircraft Airport Pilot
B03 SAS CRJ-900 Dusseldorf
B04 SAS A320-200 Stockholm
B05 SAS CRJ-900 Gothenburg
B06 SAS CRJ-900 Vilnius
B07 SAS CRJ-900 Amsterdam
B08 SAS A320-200 Oslo @Butter575
B09 SAS CRJ-900 Warsaw @United403
B10 Icelandair 757-200 Reykjavik @AndrewGraham
B16 SAS A320-200 Athens
B17 SAS A320-200 Alicante
B19 SAS CRJ-900 Aarhaus
Terminal 3

Aegan, Air Canada, Air China, Delta Airlines, Egyptair, Easyjet, Singapore Airlines, TAP, Thai Airways, SAS, Qatar, Ryanair, Wizzair and Wilderoe operate out of Terminal 3

Concourse C
Gate Airline Aircraft Airport Pilot
C10 Croatia Airlines A319-200 Zagreb
C26 Air China A330-300 Beijing
C27 Singapore Airlines A350-900 Singapore
C28 Thai Airways A350-900 Bangkok
C29 Qatar 787-8 Doha
C30 Wizzair A321-200 Larnaca
C32 Wizzair A321-200 Bucharest
C33 Wizzair A321-200 Skopje
C34 SAS A330-300 New York EWR
C35 SAS A350-900 Shanghai
C36 SAS A330-300 Chicago ORD @Southwest0012
C37 SAS A350-900 Los Angeles @Ultimate245
C38 SAS A350-900 Miami
Concourse D
Gate Airline Aircraft Airport Pilot
D01 SAS CRJ-900 Aalborg
D02 SAS CRJ-900 Palanga
D03 SAS A320-200 Stavanger
D04 SAS A320-200 Manchester
Concourse E

Since I couldn’t find any flights to Concourse E, I have reserved it for Norwegian Virtual.

Gate Airline Aircraft Airport Pilot
E20 @norwegianairvirtual 737-800
E24 @norwegianairvirtual 737-800
E25 @norwegianairvirtual 737-800
E29 @norwegianairvirtual 737-800
E31 @norwegianairvirtual 737-800
E35 @norwegianairvirtual 737-800
E36 @norwegianairvirtual 737-800
Concourse F
Gate Airline Aircraft Airport Pilot
F01 Easyjet A319-200 Amsterdam
F04 Easyjet A320-200 Manchester
F05 Easyjet A319-200 Edinburgh
F07 Easyjet A320-200 Berlin
F08 Easyjet A320-200 Paris
F09 Ryanair 737-800 Alicante
Concourse H
Gate Airline Aircraft Airport Pilot
H101 Ryanair 737-800 London STN
H103 Ryanair 737-800 Turin
H104 Ryanair 737-800 Milan BGY
H105 Ryanair 737-800 Manchester
H106 Ryanair 737-800 Dublin
Remote Gates

All remote gates are free.

Please note that some of the airline allocations may be incorrect as it was difficult to find accurate maps of the operating airlines.

Air Traffic Controllers

ATIS: @Axtheticly
Ground: @Axtheticly
Tower: @Axtheticly

NOTAMS Information

Pattern work at ATC discretion. GA aircraft are not permitted during the event. Use of SIDs and STARS is recommended.
• Follow ATC instructions when ATC is present.
• Respect every pilot during the event.
• Maintain special awareness when moving. We encourage you to check the airport diagram below before the event.
• We are NOT responsible for any violations you may receive during this event.
• If IFATC is not available, use UNICOM correctly.


Join Norwegian Virtual here!


Happy Flying!


This one please

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I would love to join however I may be flying o. This day😐

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This one please


Same here, I really wish I could join but I am only grade 2 sadly.

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Don’t worry, it’s two months away. You’ll have time!

@United403 @Butter575 You both are signed up!

No worries, hope to see you in future events!

Not 100% sure I can make it yet but I’ll reserve this one just in case please!

Absolutely! Hope you can make it!

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If I make grade 3 before Christmas I’m in!

Can I change to this, But can I do the same flight as Butter575

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Sure, but what do you mean?

Let’s get more signups! Hope this event doesn’t crash and burn like my other events

[quote=“ThatDudeFliesYT, post:1, topic:741498”]
|C36|SAS|A330-300|Chicago ORD|
[/quote] this one please

Sign me up for B10 icelandair 752 please !

All signed up!

Done! Thank you for joining!

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I will take gate C37 (SAS A350 Destination: KLAX)

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All signed up! See you there!