24DEC22 / 1900Z Massive Mexico Flight @MMMX - KAUS

Massive Mexico Flight!

Greetings IFC. We will fly to another event this Saturday, representing our Aeromexico Virtual team. We’ll depart from Mexico City (MMMX) to Austin (KAUS). Everyone is welcome. Come join us!

Flight Route: MMMX - KAUS

Aircraft: E190 (AeroMexico)

Server: Expert Server (Normal)

Estimated Flight Time: 1 hour 35 minutes

Airport Charts

Jeppesen MMMX Airport charts

About this Event

This event is available to all IFC members.

Pilots are expected to conduct themselves professionally at all times.

We are NOT using sign-up methods for IFC members but for AMVA pilots.

Maximum taxi speed on the ground is 20kts on straightaways and 10kts on turns.

Wait until the aircraft ahead of you has reached 2000ft AGL before entering the runway and beginning your take-off roll.


Airport Frequence Available Controller
MMMX Ground
MMMX Tower
MMMX Approach
MMMX Mexico Center


Airport Frequence Available Controller
KAUS Ground
KAUS Tower
KAUS Approach
KAUS Center

ATC rules

Know about your environmental factors consistently while on the ground and in the air
Assuming IFATC is available, guarantee to adhere to each guidance given appropriately; on the off chance that IFATC is absent, try to utilize the Unicom recurrence deferentially
Keep a protected separation with the airplane around you (least of 3nm and 1000ft beneath 10000ft)
To wrap things up, HAVE FUN!

If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask!

About Us

Hello, CEO here FN60fps. I created Aeromexico Virtual seeking to spread aviation across Mexico on Infinite Flight. Aeromexico Virtual was founded on September 4, 2021. We operate a total of 5 aircraft in our fleet. We at Aeromexico Virtual are very excited about our future and how we can impact the Infinite Flight Community.

Why should you join us?

Aeromexico Virtual is based on the real-world operations of Aeromexico. We make sure to pick the best staff for you, the pilot. This ensures you have the best VA experience possible with us at AMVA. We always want to expand our diversity and route network, such as new codeshares with other virtual airlines. One thing that makes AMVA special is our fun group community. This includes internal events and the day’s airport so you can explore new places. After all, Infinite Flight is much more fun in a group environment than by yourself!

Thank you for your time in reading this event. See you in the skies.


ill try to come

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The event will be postponed to try a get more participants.Thanks!

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