24DEC21/ 1500Z - Rickenbacker Passenger/Cargo Event @KLCK

Welcome to Columbus Rickenbacker International Airport KLCK
Background of Rickenbacker International airport. The airport was named after Eddie Rickenbacker who was a famous World War 2 pilot. Today it serves as an Air National Guard Base for the Ohio Air National Guard also known as the 121st air refueling wing. Fun fact Rickenbacker is one of the only cargo-dedicated airports in the world. Here you will see Passenger Converted 777-300ER Freighters who are flown into Rickenbacker from Oslo Norway, Dubai UAE, Milan Italy, and Frankfurt Courtesy of Emirates. Cathay Pacific also flys Here from VHHH Hong Kong using a Passenger Converted Freighter 777-300ER Cargolux flys from numerous locations in Europe and from Anchorage AK and Hong Kong.

Event Specifications

There will be 2 Waves of departures so disregard if I put 2 start times for the event because of limited ramp space

I am authorizing IFATC to allow Pattern Work for this event

Please have a flight plan ready before Departure

If ATC not present be respectful of other pilots and maintain 3NMI to 5 NMI spacing between other aircrafts

Open Ramp/Gates I am not assigning people gates first come first served so come early to claim your spot on the ramp

IFATC Positions Reply back to me so i can add you to the list

Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 3.37.18 PM
Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 3.43.11 PM
1st Set of departures

2nd Set of departures

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