24DEC21 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Coast to Coast in Canada

OH!…CANADA Are Home and Native land👍


AIR CANADA B773 SANTIAGO DE CHILE - TORONTO ❤️ un vuelo de 10 horas hacia el frio toronto.


I’m going to be landing in Vancouver in 2 hours. Who is going to be in Vancouver?

Ouu great FNF! Toronto two days in a row!


About 15 planes with me landed to Vancouver and now heading to Toronto. Vancouver was so silent, it would be great to have an ATC there.

This is gonna be awesome SAUCEEEEE

Amazing ! I love your idea !

Nice event Misha!

Gonna challenge myself to a EGLL-CYYZ on the one and only A220-300, let’s hope I don’t lose fuel🙃


That’s actually within the official range of the A220!

Soon, the A220 will fly even further with a range extension on its way

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Great event, but the insane amount of traffic has caused some “back to the home screen” issues a few times now… cries

so many planes

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!!!

Greenland and Iceland are options for diversion fuel stop

Going to spawn into YYZ. Headed to YYC, Anyone want to join?!?!

Holiday FNF, Love it!!