24DEC20 / 1500Z - Christmas in the heat! @OMDB


Hello everyone welcome back to one of my events. This event is going to be great. This event idea was from the old event, connecting DXB to the world! There will be many gates and many different destinations to fly to, hope you all join and come during this Christmas fly out!


Dubai Airport Information

Dubai international airport is the busiest airport in the Middle East and is the home to a big and famous airline Emirates they are the biggest operator of the A380 and B777 now to the gates Dubai airport has three terminals terminal 1 is concourse D terminal 2 is concourse F and terminal 3 is concourse A,B,C, you can find more information here! :


Terminal 1
Aircraft Airline Gate Destination Pilot
B739 Spicejet C18 VIDP
B739 Spicejet C19 VAAH
B739 Spicejet C20 VOGO
B739 Spicejet C21 VOHS
B739 Spicejet C22 VABB
B739 Spicejet C23 VOCI
A321 Gulf Air C24 OBBI
B77W Saudia C26 OEDF
B77W Saudia C27 OERK
B77W Saudia C28 OEJN
B77W Saudia C29 OEMA
B77W Air Canada C30 CYYZ
B77W Cathay Pacific C31 VHHH
B77W British Airways C32 EGLL
B77W British Airways C33 EGLL
B77W Air France C34 LFPG
B77W Aeroflot C35 UUEE
B77W Air China C36 ZBAA
A330 Lufthansa C38 EDDF @NuggetFornia
B77W Singapore Airlines C39 WSSS
B77W Swiss C40 LSZH
B787 Royal Jordanian C41 OJAI
B777LR Iraqi Airways C42 ORBI
A320 Indigo C43 VAAH
A320 Indigo C44 VOBL
A320 Indigo C45 VOMM
A320 Indigo C46 VOCI
A320 Indigo C47 VABB
A320 Indigo C48 VABB
B772 Korean Air C49 RKSI
A350 Philippine Airlines C50 RPLL
A350 Finnair C51 EFHK
A350 Ethiopian Airlines C52 HAAB
A350 China Eastern Airlines C53 ZSPD
B787 Azerbaijani Airlines C54 UBBB
B777 EgyptAir C55 HEBA
B777 EgyptAir C56 HECA
B777 Kuwait Airways C57 OKBK
B777 Pakistan International Airlines C58 OPKC
B777 Pakistan International Airlines C59 OPKC
A350 Ethiopian Airlines C60 HAAB
B777 Swiss C61 LSZH
A330 Lufthansa C62 EDDF
B777 British Airways C63 EGLL
B777 British Airways C64 EGLL
Terminal 2
Aircraft Airline Gate Destination Pilot
B738 Fly Dubai E04 OIMM @Alexian61
B738 Fly Dubai E05 OEJN
B738 Fly Dubai E06 LKPR
B738 Fly Dubai E07 OERK
B738 Fly Dubai E08 VABB
B738 Fly Dubai E09 VAAH
B738 Fly Dubai E10 HAAB
B738 Fly Dubai E11 OOMS
B738 Fly Dubai E12 OKBK
B738 Fly Dubai E13 LKPR
B738 Fly Dubai E43 HTKJ
B738 Fly Dubai E44 OJAI
B738 Fly Dubai E45 OEJN
Terminal 3
Aircraft Airline Gate Destination Pilot
A380 Emirates A01 KLAX
A380 Emirates A02 KSFO
B777 Emirates A03 WMKK
A380 Emirates A04 EGLL
A380 Emirates A05 EHAM
B777 Emirates A06 HAAB
A380 Emirates A07 OERK
A380 Emirates A08 OEJN
B777 Emirates A09 OJAI
B777 Emirates A10 KMCO @BritishAirways001
B777 Emirates B01 OJAI
B777 Emirates B02 EHAM @Dimitri_126
B777 Emirates B03 KORD
B777 Emirates B04 KMCO @USA_ATC
A380 Emirates B05 KSFO
A380 Emirates B06 KLAX
A380 Emirates B08 EGLL
A380 Emirates B09 KIAH
B777 Emirates B10 YMML
A380 Emirates B11 YSSY
B777 Emirates B12 YMML
B777 Emirates B14 LIRN
B777 Emirates B15 VHHH
B777 Emirates B16 EKCH
A380 Emirates B17 EDDL
B777 Emirates B18R EHAM
A380 Emirates B20 EGLL
A380 Emirates B21R KSFO
B777 Emirates B22 ESSA
B777 Emirates B23 WMKK
B777 Emirates B24 WSSS @Stevetheaussie
B777 Emirates B25 WIII
B777 Emirates B26R LTFM
B777 Emirates B27 KMCO @CaptainAzriq
B777 Emirates F02 OJAI
B777 Emirates F03 OERK
B777 Emirates F04 EIDW
B777 Emirates F05 KORD
B777 Emirates F06 VOBL
B777 Emirates F07 VABB
A380 Emirates F08 LGAV
B777 Emirates F09 YBBN
A380 Emirates F10 YSSY
B777 Emirates F12 OJAI
A380 Emirates F13 EGLL
B777 Emirates F17 OEJN
B777 Emirates F18 VVTS
B777 Emirates F19 VVTS
A380 Emirates F20 VHHH
B777 Emirates F21 LEMD
B777 Emirates F22 LEMD
B777 Emirates F23 YMML
A380 Emirates F24 YSSY
B777 Emirates F25 KJFK
B777 Emirates F26R KORD
B777 Emirates F27 KMCO
B777 Emirates D01 OJAI
B777 Emirates D02 OERK
B777 Emirates D03 OEJN
B777 Emirates D04 KMCO
B777 Emirates D05 KJFK
B777 Emirates D06 KORD
B777 Emirates D07 EHAM
A380 Emirates D08 LKPR
A380 Emirates D09 LKPR
B777 Emirates D10 LKPR


Posted early don’t close just going to add a couple more gates

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I will take a gate just give me something that you would fly!

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You got a flight to KMCO 16 hours and the best flight ever

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Everyone can sign up now

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Let’s spice things up a bit.

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What server is this event on

Expert server

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I will do this one pls I love this route

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Can I do this in a 777W?


New sign up


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Update more gates added to terminal 3

Let’s get some sign ups!

Let’s get some sign ups

Howzit, could I please do

B777 | emirates | B02 | EHAM

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Damn, wish I could be in it, but then I’m not a good pilot and I’m living in the complete other side of the world ,lol. Too bad, so sad…

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I want gate B27.Emirates 9889 Heavy

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New sign up!