24DEC / 1200Z: MASSIVE Christmas Eve Event: The North Pole Hopping!

Ah, Christmas Eve. One of the best days of the year. No school, no work, just a day to relax. Why not fly on Christmas Eve though? Especially if it is in Alaska, where Santa’s Workshop is rumored to be! This event is going to begin at Fairbanks, have a stopover/join point at Ancorage, and then continue on to our final destination of Jeaneau. From Fairbanks to Alaska, we will fly over Denaili national park, which will have amazing views, and from Anchorage to Jeaneu, we will fly over glaciers. This is an event you cannot miss!

Airport codes: Fairbanks: PAFA. Anchorage: PANC Juneau: PAJN


Some more notes about this event:

  • You may choose wether to start in Fairbanks or join us in Anchorage, or wether to leave us in Anchorage.

  • We will likely get in from Fairbanks at 12:00Z-1300Z

  • Departure from ANC will likely be between 13:00Z - 14:00Z depending on when everyone gets on the ground

  • If you are joining us in ANC, please spawn at 12:30Z

  • We are on the expert server so please be professional. I am not responsible for any violations in this event

Thats’s it for the notes, so how about sign ups? **Comment down below the post what gate you want at Fairbanks, and wether you will be going all they way through Jeaneu, or stopping at Anchorage. If you want a gate just at Anchorage, you will get one, and you will also receive an arrival gate at Jeanue. **

If your are IFATC and would like to staff this event, sign up below as well!

Fairbanks ATC

Ground: @AviationChampion
Tower: @AviationChampion
ATIS: @AviationChampion

Anchorage ATC


Juneau ATC

Ground: @Aviation2929 T
Tower: @Aviation2929
ATIS: @Aviation2929

Anchorage CENTER:

Now, for the gates sign up! In Fairbanks, there are only 7 gates that can accommodate 777s. If you wish to fly a 777, please claim those gates quickly

Fairbanks Gates
Fairbanks Gates Maximum Size Of Aircraft @
C01 777-300 @
C02 777-300 @
06 777-300 @
Heavy Cargo Apron 04 777-300 @
Heavy Cargo Apron 03 777-300 @
Heavy Cargo Apron 02 777-300 @
Heavy Cargo Apron 01 777-300 @
05 767-300 @GamingWithMax
04 767-300 @
03 767-300 @
02 767-300 @
01 767-300 @
FedEx Cargo Apron 767-300 @
FBO Ramp 01 767-300 @
FBO Ramp 02 767-300 @
Events Air Cargo Hanger 767-300 @
West Ramp A01 A321/757-200 @Speedbird2276Heavy
West Ramp A02 A321/757-200 @
West Ramp A03 A321/757-200 @
West Ramp A04 A321/757-200 @
West Ramp B01 A321/757-200 @
West Ramp B02 A321/757-200 @
West Ramp B03 A321/757-200 @
Events Air Fuel Operations Hanger A321/757-200 @
Alaska Aerofuel Hanger A321/757-200 @
Alaska Aerofuel Apron 01 A321/757-200 @
Alaska Aerofuel Apron 02 A321/757-200 @
Ravn Alaska Hanger A321/757-200 @
Ravn Alaska Apron 01 A321/757-200 @
Ravn Alaska Apron 02 A321/757-200 @
Ravn Alaska Apron 03 A321/757-200 @
Northern Air Cargo Yukon Apron 01 A321/757-200 @
Northern Air Cargo Yukon Apron 02 A321/757-200 @
Events Air Alaska Apron A321/757-200 @
Events Air Cargo Apron A321/757-200 @
Lifemed Fairbanks Medevac Hanger A321/757-200 @InfiniteFlightNewark
ANC Gates MAX Aircraft Size @
B05 777-200 @
B08 777-200 @
B06 777-200 @
B04 777-200 @
N02 777-200 @
N04 777-200 @
N06 777-200 @
N08 777-200 @

This is what I am doing for now. A complete gates list will be available in the next 3 weeks, including Anchorage and Juneau

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Hey, I recommend having the gates and ATC as drop-downs to save space on the topic. :)


how do I do a dropdown?

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How to use the IFC This topic helped me a lot! Specifically the drop down is the top listed item on this post.

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Thanks!! You want to sign up?

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I would it’s just way too early for me, sorry!

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Oh also just so you know, you can’t post an event topic when the event is over 30 days out, but you can repost it when it is 30 days out!

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oh wait I can’t?

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About The Events Category Yep sorry.

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Do you know how I can save all of my work?

I’ll take that please for fairbanks.

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I suggest copying it over and pasting it into something like a google doc to save.

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Hey, first off thanks very much for taking it. Unfortunately, I made a mistake, and I was told that I couldn’t post this until it is 30 days out. I will still put you down for GTS at Fairbanks wherever I save my draft!

Yeah, I’ll add you to my ATC events schedule document for December.

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thanks so much!

61 days until December 24th, so I’m not sure if this’ll stay open for long.

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Yea, Ive copied and pasted everything over to a google doc

You’re welcome! Any specific spawn in time at fairbanks?

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Might’ve been easier to just create a PM with only yourself in it so you wouldn’t have to make a google doc.

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10:30Z, so we can get going by 11Z