24AUG20 / 2100Z - The Grand Osaka Kansai Flyout! @ RJBB

Hey, may I have this gate?

Good Choice! You’ve been given the 78X to Singapore, can’t wait to see you there :)

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It’s been almost 2 weeks so I figured I’d bump this event up. There are plenty of International Gates available to choose!

I will take this gate please thank you

@Udeme_Ekpo looks like you’re already signed up for a peach aviation gate, do you want to switch?

Oh snap, I forgot that I am already signed up. But no switch keep my gate.

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So, I haven’t gotten a single sign up in the past two weeks, and the event is just one week away! So ANA Virtual was willing to help out in promoting this event for me.

This event is now officially partnered with All Nippon Airways Virtual! They are currently the only IFVARB approved Japanese Virtual Airline in Infinite Flight. They offer a wide range of domestic routes (some of which are featured in this event) for pilots to explore, and have a huge selection of code share routes available as well! If you want to check them out, go ahead and view their their thread here

There are still a ton of routes left! If you want some suggestions, I would say:

Are some really good choices!

May I have the remote gate 105, plz?
Airline: South African
Destination: FOAR
Aircraft: B742 (South African)
callsign: ANVA824

Terminal 1, Gate 3 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong (VHHH) B777-300ER/ A330-300

I will take this thanks make sure tag me when it’s the event

@KIND9624 check above please

Sure thing @Captain_74gear, I presume the 77W?

Yeah sure 773

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@li7ing let me get back to you about a gate alright? Don’t let me forget I’ll fit you somewhere in the main terminal 👍
Edit: Also that route I believe also has a stop in VTBS

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We are only 3 days away, Be sure to sign up!

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I’ll have this one please. :)

Take off me from the list please I can’t make it sorry

Of course! You’re signed up, see you at the event!

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No problem, thanks for showing interest in the event anyways!


Hello, I’ll not be able to attend the event, please take me off the list, so sorry about that :(

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Sorry this is last minute, but can I get Terminal 1, Domestic Gate 21? Thank you!