24APR21 / 1900Z - Let’s troll Heathrow! MASSIVE trolling event @ EGLL

Welcome to the Massive EGLL Trolling Event!

I am sure most of you go trolling in the CS, to have some fun, test some fighter skills or just to troll everyone there. Sometimes you do it with some friends or alone, but have you ever done with tens (hopefully hundreds 😜) of other people? No? I thought so. Well, here is your chance!

Made by @discobot

Let’s sworm EGLL with tons of fighters… brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

About the Casual Server

Casual Server (IATA: CSC, ICAO: CSCS) is a very dangerous server within the game of Infinite Flight. There, you witness crashes, fire, collisons, interceptions. Only pro fighter pilots can swerve through upside down planes, 5 planes on 27L, an A380 at a GA gate, a Southwest 737 flying to FOOL, @El_YuainXD chilling at -400K feet and @GBKarp watching everyone at space. If you attempt these challenges you are at your own risk, so you’ve been warned.

Let’s swarm EGLL with fighters diving up, down, doing barrel rolls over T5, and give the 30 people at EGLL a little suprise. Come join us!

Event Information

Server: Casual
Airport: London Heathrow Airport (EGLL)
Time: 2021-04-24T19:00:00Z - 1900Z


If you would like to attend with another aircraft, just let us know and we will add you with that aircraft.

Gate Aircraft Pilot
T4 Remote 457 F22 @tunamkol
T4 Remote 456 F22 @GBKarp
T4 Remote 455 F22 @tjb0709
T4 Remote 454 F22 @El_YuainXD
T4 Remote 453 F22 @Aviation108
T4 Remote 452 F22 @Ethan_Lee1
T4 Remote 451 F22 @MJP_27
T4 Remote 461 F22 @Nightt
T4 Remote 401 F22 @Butter_Boi
T4 Remote 402 F22 @Flightistic
T4 Remote 403 F22 @ahmed1
T4 Remote 405 F22 @bbrockairbus
T4 Remote 406 F22 @RogerThat4202
T4 Remote 407 A10 @JetSuperior5192
T4 Remote 408 B757-200 @MissRosa
T4 Remote 409 F22 @Goldy
T4 Remote 410 F22 @A320_Flyerboy19
T4 Remote 411 F22 @EVO_G-vlogs_200
T4 Remote 412 F22 @Hardlanding_Hussain
T4 Remote 414 F22
T4 Remote 415 F22
T4 Remote 417 F22
T4 Remote 418 F22
T4 Remote 419 F22
T4 Remote 420 F22
T4 Remote 421 F22
T4 Remote 422 F22
T4 Remote 423 F22


  • Respect every pilot during the event.
  • DO NOT maintain special awareness when moving.
  • Mess around as much as you can, go crazy!
  • Have fun and enjoy the event!

Picture from @Aviation108. Check out his thread here!

Thank you for checking out our event! Make sure to grab a gate!

The scenes in the banners are not mine. They are from West Coast Aviator YT, Swiss 001 and Aviation18. Full credit goes to them for the pictures.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Can confirm


I’ll take this one!

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Great idea, can I get the next available gate?

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You got it! See you in the chaos

Of course, see ya there mate

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I’ll take a spot

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Sure, thanks for joining and see you there!

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Can you pencil me in for a fighter please? Thanks! Looks fun!

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Haha its gonna be soo much fun :) Sure, i’ll add ya now.

Hello, is that possible join with an A-10 brrrt? Or only F22?

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This is the most unique event I have ever seen on the IFC!!

I will see if I can join!

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oh man, why F22s?

can i use the fidget narrowbody?

talking bout the 757 lol


Hey all

Just to let you know I have seen your messages but i can’t really think rn as it’s like midnight here

Also @A320_Flyerboy19 I appreciate it :)

I’ll respond to y’all in the morning


Got to Bed now!!

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I think the Casual server should be renamed the Craziness server. It would be more apt.

I’ll take this one. See you then :)

Hi! So I decided that it is the Casual Server so no rules!

@JetSuperior5192 you can hop in your A-10 and buzz LHR! See ya there!

@A320_Flyerboy19 Would you like a gate?

@MissRosa Sure, we shall see you rocket out of EGLL. Thanks for joining!

@Goldy Its all yours. See you there!


@AryaTheLivingMeme this seems like something that is right up your alley.