24APR21 / 1800Z [CANCELLED] Dublin flyout! @EIDW

Hi everyone! I’m officially hosting my first ever event on the IFC!

This event will take place on the EXPERT SERVER.

This event will be a flyout from EIDW (Dublin Airport)

This event will take place at 18:00PM Zulu (6PM Irish/UK time)

So, let’s get started! Dublin airport is the main hub of the Irish airline, Aer Lingus. Aer Lingus is the main Irish airline flying to many places in Europe, and North America (and one location in the United Arab Emirates). Dublin is also the secondary hub of the Low-Cost airline, Ryanair. Ryanair flying to practically every location in Europe! Other airlines which fly into Dublin include KLM, British Airways, TAP Air Portugal, Iberia, united and more.

I want to keep things as realistic as possible, so (if there is no IFATC), we will try to keep runway 16/34 out of use as much as possible. If there is IFATC, then 16/34 will be used for cargo aircraft and light aircraft. I know this may be a pain, but it is also a pain to see 16/34 used on IF regularly when in reality they are only really used in real life once or twice a month!


This event will take place on the EXPERT SERVER. Whether the IFATC is present or not, it would be appreciated to follow real-life procedures, rules, and regulations. If you wish to fly for fun with not many rules but with other people and with ATC, then EGLL in the training server exists! If IFATC is present, then they will sort this out, but if they are not, the use of Departure and Arrival routes will be highly recommended to keep people moving smoothly in and out of the airport. Please ONLY put your name down if you are almost certain that you will be able to attend the event. If you are part of a VA that is not Ryanair or Aer Lingus, then feel free to still fly (and if you want to fly a different airline and file it and the airline is in your VA’s codeshares even better), but don’t choose something like Korean air VA for Dublin to Krakow.

Let’s get on to gates.

terminal 1
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Flight Number Pilot
307 Birmingham Ryanair 737-800 RYR668 Available
108C Liverpool Ryanair 737-800 RYR662 @Matty1
317 Paris Air France A319 AFR1617 Available
312 Istanbul Turkish 737-900 THY1976 Available
318C Frankfurt Lufthansa A320 DLH981 Available
313L Doha Qatar 787-8 QTR18 Available
110R Thessaloniki Ryanair 737-800 RYR1390 Available
316 Toronto Air Canada 787-9 ACA843 Available
Terminal 2
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Flight Number Pilot
400L Dubai Emirates 773 UAE162 Available
400R Amsterdam Aer Lingus A320 EIN602 Available
401L New York Aer Lingus A330 EIN105 Available
403L Newark United 787-10 UAL22 Available
403C Malaga Aer Lingus A320 EIN586 @IF_Josh
404L Chicago Aer Lingus A330 EIN123 Available
404R Atlanta Delta A330 DAL177 Available
406A Krakow Aer Lingus A320 EIN368 Available
406B Athens Aer Lingus A320 EIN440 Available
407C Krakow Aer Lingus A330 EIN178 Available
614C London Fedex MD11 FX5202 Available
615C Cologne UPS A330F UPS279 Available

[spoiler/credit to @IF_Josh for allowing me to use the gates text!/spoiler]

Hope you all enjoy the event!


Malaga please @EVO_G-vlogs_200


Coming right up, thanks for choosing dublin! (and thanks for the bump hehe)


You might change this as we no longer have the DHL 757 in game. Unless your going to use the generic livery?

Oh right sorry.

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No bother!

Its done, thanks for pointing it out!

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Hope u dont mind me bumping this topic real quick, just dont think enough people got a chance to see it!

@IF_Josh To confirm, you are fully happy with the aircraft type and flight number correct?

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Yikes. Normally in summer the Aer Lingus A330 normally operates it but due to the pandemic it’s A320 and doing it for EIVA

Yep. Oh well, it has the range! If u wd be able to invt some of ur EIVA friends that wd be good also cuz rn only u have joined LOL

Just giving this topic a little bump!

Can I take Ryanair Liverpool please

Yes! Updating it now.

Possible event cancellation

Hi all! I am likely going to have to cancel the event if we do not get more attendees by April 22. If we do then great! If we dont then I will have no choice but to cancel the event.

Fantastic if we only had the buildings 😌
I’ll be there 😀

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What gate, airline and destination?

Don’t know yet I’ll get back to you on that one my friend 🙂

Ok! Just let me know!

Hey I’d like a gate but what time would this be in EST? I’m in New York; are you all 5 hours ahead?