24APR21 / 1700Z - Saba Landing Competition - @TFFJ - TNCS

Welcome to the Carribean Hop and Saba Landing Competition!

These competitions are so much fun, and so we are back with another one. This time we are challenging you to show your landing skills Saba!

Saba is acknowledged as the smallest airport in the world, with a tiny runway. Come join to prove your piloting skills!

About the scenic route and diffic- impossible approach

For our third landing competition we have chosen no other than the legendary Saba airport.

Saba is a carribean island, that is just 13KM Squared, and is in the municipality of the Netherlands.

Saba airport is known as the smallest airport in the world, and has been featured on many websites and articles. The tricky bit isn’t the approach this time. It’s the runway.Saba has the shortest commercial runway in the world.

Saba airport has a runway that is 1,312 feet long (12/30). To put that in perspective, it is the same length as the South Dakota TV tower. And for planes, trust me, that is short.

The only plane that operates here is the Twin Otter, by Winair, Windward Express, Anguilla Air services and SXM Airways.

Quite surprisingly, Saba Airport averages around 30,000 passengers each year (Pre-COVID)!

We will be flying in from St Barths , AKA the king of difficult approaches. It’s gonna be a fun flight!

This route is operated by Winair.

Landing Competition

At the end of this flight we will have a little fun landing competition. It’s a great challenge to test your piloting abilities! What we will be looking at is:

  • IF-O Screenshot - Optional

  • Make a successful landing at the airport.

  • Also please be kind to your passengers and go ask them if they are all alright.

We will be landing on Runway 30.

Yup, that’s it. As long as you land successfully, you are a great pilot anyways.

Event Information

Server: Expert

Aircraft: TBM930 / C208

Route: St Barts (TFFJ) to Saba (TNCS)

Duration: ~0 hour 15 mins

Day and Time: 2021-04-24T17:00:00Z (Saturday - 1700)


Gate Aircraft Pilot
Main Apron W4 C208 @tunamkol
Main Apron W1 TBM930 @GBKarp
Main Apron W2 TBM930 @El_YuainXD
Main Apron W3 TBM930 @Ethan_Lee1
Main Apron P1 C208 @tjb0709
Main Apron P2 TBM930 @Airnico_9962_on_YT
Main Apron P3 TBM930 @Nightt
Main Apron P4 C208 @Pilot_Felix
Main Apron E1 C208 @Butter_Boi
Main Apron E2 C208 @Aviation108
Main Apron E3 TBM930 @bbrockairbus
Main Apron F1 TBM930 @Ahmed1
Main Apron F2 TBM930 @MainSky
GA Apron N1 TBM930 @WRL_Kubica
GA Apron N2 TBM930 @Julien_Narayanasawmy
GA Apron N3 TBM930 @Deathsix
GA Apron N4 TBM930 / C208 @captain_trooper
GA Apron N5 TBM930 @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL
GA Apron N6 TBM930 @Sam_D206
GA Apron N7 TBM930 / C208 @Leon_Av2648
GA Apron N8 TBM930 / C208 @Hardlanding_Hussain


  • Respect every pilot during the event.
  • Maintain special awareness when moving.
  • We are NOT responsible for any violations you may receive during
    this event.
  • IFATC may or may not be available for the event, if not use UNICOM correctly.
  • Copy flight plan from @tunamkol once you have spawned.
  • You will be invited to a PM once you have signed up.
  • Have fun and enjoy the flight!
  • Make sure to bring some butter with you.

Thank you for checking out our event! Make sure to grab a gate!


First. I recommend signing up for these events! They always have high attendance, and are a blast!

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I’ll take a C208, any gate!

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You got it! See ya there :)

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Definitely! They are a lotta fun.

TBM 930 please

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Its all yours. See ya there!

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Ooh yes Im gonna forget about me worrying that I will embarrass myself on the landing at saba and Im gonna request a gate
Can I take one in a TBM?

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Of course! Just don’t mess up this time, we will all be watching you ;)

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@TestFlight009 wanna stream this one?

Exactly my worry

Anyway, thanks for signing me up

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@tunamkol if @TestFlight009 doesn’t want to, or can’t, I can stream it.

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Bumping this.

Can I have this one, with TBM?

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Can I have that last slot and I will have a TMB930

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I would like to join with the TBM930!

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A lot of signups icl

You are signed up. Thanks for joining!

For the people who have signed up but aren’t on the list (@WRL_Kubica and @Julien_Narayanasawmy ) - don’t worry. We will be adding more gates soon.

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ok noted…!

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