245 brrrtts


Hello everyone! As the USA celebrates its Independence Day, I thought I would post a screenshot topic to mark this occasion! These photos are from a flight around the Nevada test range, with a friend who I forced invited to fly with me, @SB110. We took off from Nellis AFB in our Nellis A-10’s, and flew around, and then landed at Alien Town. Enjoy I guess :)


Aircraft: A-10
Route: KLSV - KXTA
Food: Apple

Here we see 2 Hogs getting ready to fly. As well as @SB110 abusing the pilots visor

Holding short with the brrrtt getting ready to roll

Liftoff out of (No longer) @Kamryn town, and on to 👽 city

Pretty Warthog



Me chasing the SB of 110

Another angle from the break

Well, that’s all for today, and I hope you enjoyed the photos! Happy 245’th United States! 🎆🎆

Bye bye

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H back!

Great shots Tait!

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Go away ahmed

Why wasn’t I invited to this 😭


Uhhhhhhhhhhh sorry i guess, blame SB

No u

You’re too special kam

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Didn’t I tell you to go away

kam my next S&V topic let’s do private jet formations our standards are way above these military planes

I don’t understand English sorry

Please just don’t, I prefer to keep my lunch in my stomach

my next topic boutta be a 5 star Gordon Ramsay style dinner my guy you wouldn’t want your lunch when you have dinner

Well I just ate and I’m reading this thread. I’ll be offline for a few minutes while I go barf my guts out.

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Yes, ahmed has that effect on people

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My 6 inch subway sandwich is now on the floor.

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brrrt photos

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brrrtt you

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Nice photos @Brrrt108

salute to u sir and to the us

Thanks Blake!

@RyMan thanks!

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Amazing pics im thinking of doing a flight with the 757 Air Force XD You might be the perfect escort lmaoooo

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but he doesnt live there anymore

nice phots!

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