240kts <10,000 Warning removed on Expert Server (Read before reply)

This is just an idea so throw feedback, Couod you remove the speed warning on the expert server so ATC can have a better control range and I believe expert Server users could use this feature sensibly


Unfortunately, some users are not sensible on the advanced server. This is an unfortunate example of the actions of a few ruining it for everyone.


Yes I know however if this feature could be used openly when approved my atc it could be used for pilots who do listen and there will always be the ability to ghost

Bad idea. The Expert Server will be ruined if the 250kts<10,000 warning is removed. The 250kts< 10,000 is actually a real FAA law in the real world of aviation. If the warning is removed, then you’re taking the realism out of the Expert Server. The Expert Server is the only realistic server in the sim.


Well… people see a lot of things there

This is an actual Guideline by the FAA and if this was removed (I’m an expert controller ) I can assure you this won’t help it will just give nimrods more room and ways to make out sessions harder
Not trying to shoot down the idea just giving. You my insight


Guys, you’re both partially correct. The 250kt under 10,000 rule is most definitely a stated guideline by the FAA, but the line after that states that controllers have the authority to lift the restriction if a pilot requests a higher speed to clean up his/her configuration.



I think at least on outbound, 250+ IAS under 10K should have violation removed pending ATC approval. Pilot must request, and ATC must approve for it to apply.


That would be good. However if you had lots of pleases departing it will just clog up the controllers interface with 100’s of messages because they want to leave faster

Perhaps have a timeout to it as well. If ATC clears one plane for +250 IAS, There’s a 3 minute timeout (Typical climbout to 10K from 2K)

During the timeout, no other plane can request (Gray out option)

Not necessarily, it would only be available to planes that actually need it. If you read my post, which @zbelle quoted, the exceptions are only granted if the plane actually needs the speed to clean up its configuration.

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It could be beneficial to planes like the yet to be confirmed Concorde in IF.


No, this is realistic, but not only that without it it would make approach control hell.

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Not if used properly for the right aircraft. It could be programmed where only certain types can request it with a timeout limit per approval.

It would be enough that the ATC center could say "No ATC restriction on speed, “free speed, or something like that”,
when this doesn’t create problems to air traffic as is the case worldwide in reality.
For someone: there’s not just FAA in the world, and this restriction is applied everywhere.

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No Need to remove it, but I would like it if it is possible that a controller says a plane must fly for exemple 280 under 10000 he don’t get a violet(only on Expert sever)
Expert controller Need more power I think.


This would make IF unrealistic

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Trust me, this is not a good idea. 99% of aircraft follow this restriction IRL anyway, and I still regularly have to vector people going way to fast. Remember, our regions are not that big. People already fly at unrealistically high speeds, and this would just exacerbate that problem.


Global is soon…