{24 Participants, POSTPONED} Boston Flyout! | @KBOS XX1900ZMAR19 {sponsored by VirtualBlue}


Are you adding cargo gates or would you like me to just choose one upon spawning in? South Cargo 9 if you do add them please.


I would also be interested in a cargo gate if they are available.


Would you like to request a specific cargo gate like the one above? I’ll add both of you.


Sorry, I didn’t read that fully. 😄


Yes please. If South Cargo 8 is available I’ll take that. With MD11 to KMEM. FedEx 10.
Thank you.


Alright. I’ll add both of you 😃


you could assign me south cargo 14 fedex


You aswell! 👍


thank you👍


I can take s fedex cargo spot if available

Fedex 921 to KMEM


I’ll get south Cargo 14 for you. Can I get Basic Information like Aircraft, Destination, Callsign, etc?

Same with you @Jeremy_H. I have you down for South Cargo 9.

I’ll add you! Can I also get Basic Information? Looks like you already gave the callsign and the destination. Just need the Aircraft.


B772 or MD11F if the 7 is too big


FedEx 289
Boeing 777F


Perfect! Glad we solved all of this! 😉


@Andres_Arias your tail will be hanging in the taxiway at 14.


Did you confirm the B772?

Fedex 921
South Cargo 14


ok I’ll change it for MD11f


Also too long lol


Have you down for South Cargo 10. @Andres_Arias asked for South Cargo 14 first unfortunately.


Is 12 taken?