{24 Participants, POSTPONED} Boston Flyout! | @KBOS XX1900ZMAR19 {sponsored by VirtualBlue}


I’ll grab any gate with a AA 737-800 to KCLT, callsign American 75.


Preference on callsign?


B6471 (real world callsign)
TFC-010 (@Daniel14)

I’ll let him decide XD


I would love to come, but this interferes with my DTW Flyout.


I was thinking about the Third of March but I just decided to change it.


can you possibly make it the 3rd of march? i’d have to withdraw otherwise


Totally. More people for the next day!


The Date has been changed to the Third of March.

off to my basketball game!


Oh shoot! I completely forgot about @Luke_Sta’s event

Really glad this was moved to March 3, now I can actually come


I will leave it up to you. But you know which one I would prefer 😉


All gates are updated!


I will take Gate A19 to DEN. SWA 737. See you there!


May I have Gate A21 to KDAL in a Southwest 737-800?
Callsign - SWA76


I would love to join, so I filled it out for you :)

Oh and I’m on Terminal E.


Preference on callsign?


SWA212 please. Thanks!


All gates updated and 33L SIDS!


let’s get some more people!


Just a bump, let’s get more people to sign up!


It’s been a few days! Let’s get more participants!