{24 Participants} Boston Flyout! | @KBOS 031900ZMAR19 {sponsored by VirtualBlue}


No pretty sure it isn’t. Still available for now


Move andres there for the 777 🙂


Thanks, and thanks for putting the time in


Alright. Will do that now.


Just realized I never gave you my info. Sorry! I am FedEx 3 going to KMEM in an MD11F.


Added you.

All Gates are updated!

You can request Cargo/GA Gates. Aswell as Standby gates if you aren’t sure if you can come.


Sorry to be a pain l, can you change me to the 777f. South cargo 8.


It’s alright. All it does it bump up my thread anyways so we are okay.


Lol I thought it was but yea Orlando please XD


Added you!


Okay let me try this again sorry I left out these vital info the first time.

Callsign : FedEx 187
Plane type: MD-11F
Departure: KBOS
Arrival: KMEM
Gate: any south cargo gate that is available (next to my FedEx brothers.
Thank you