{24 Participants} Boston Flyout! | @KBOS 031900ZMAR19 {sponsored by VirtualBlue}


My original hometown and previous ramp supervisor location! Beyond stoked for this!!

I’ll take a Terminal C gate.
Flight: JetBlue 697 KBOS-KATL
Callsign: JetBlue 697
IFC Name: zand3r

Thanks! Just excited about this one!!!


Added you :)


small nudge :)



more people should come to this, KBOS is such a fun airport to fly in and out of. join up!


Gate A22, to KDAL. Southwest 2497 737-800


We need more people for this Boston flyout!
Sign up! :)


I can’t miss a fly out of my home airport. I’ll take a FedEx MD-11 to KMEM please.


I’ll take take Gate 18 to KCMH SWA2014


Can I switch to a Delta gate - KSEA? 738 callsign DLVA02. Would like to fly with @Delta319, thanks!


I’ll add cargo gates. sorry for the inconvenience!

On to it, sorry for the delay!

Of Course you can! I’ll do it right now.


Could I fly as JBU 203 to TXKF from terminal C? A320


I normally fly for Southwest Virutal, but, I’ll take E11 AirFrance A380-800 to Paris. Call sign Air France 349


Added you!

Why not? 😁 added you :)


Sorry, but could I actually switch to take WOW Air to Iceland?


I’ll take C28 for JBU721 BOS-PBI


This Event has been Sponsored by VirtualBlue!


Their thread is up on-top. Check it out!


Can I have gate 21 to San Jose with the jetBlue A320 ? I will decide my callsign later :)


Here you go!


Gate 17 SWA to FLL please :)


Hey! I would add you, but unfortunately that’s not a real route. Would you like to change your destination?