24 hours of Expert Server Flights Made Beautiful

A few days ago, I decided to make a heatmap out of mere curiosity to see where everyone was flying on Expert Server. I wrote myself a little script to grab data from the Live API every 10 minutes then save it to a file that I could read and/or re-format later on. A fair bit of effort when into this, so if you’re techy and interested in how everything works, check out the blog post I wrote on it. I also analyze the results a little.

So far, I’ve made a normal heatmap and a line graph of the data I’ve gathered. As more data is gathered though, I plan on making an animated heatmap to better show where the traffic was over time. All data that is currently available was gathered between 0100Z on the 18th and the same time in the 19th.


Line Graph

Interactive Version

All these visualizations are available here. The map is also interactive, but because of the way the heatmap is made isn’t great at high zoom levels.

The website won’t be updated regularly aside from adding the animated map, as I have to manually download the data from my server, then process it and deploy it to the site.


The source code for this site is available on GitHub at the link below. All data is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, so fellow developers - you’re free to create your own beautiful visualizations ❤

If you need the data in it’s original format (as seen in the blog article), just shoot me a DM.



Wow that’s true work and dedication right there! Someone hire this dude.


Kai, you are a magician…so much talent and hard work.


Dude! Nice work, this is really cool! I can certainly tell which routes are most travelled, and it’s not far off from how radar looks irl.


WOW! Amazing talent!

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Love it!

Animated version would be super cool :)


That is really cool (excuse the pun…)


Coming up on the 48 hour mark tonight, that should be enough data to make it move 🙂

6 snapshots an hour times 48 hours = 288 snapshots
288 frames should do nicely, incrementing a frame every .2 seconds means the whole thing will go for around a minute… perfect.


You sir, are a wizard, Thanks so much for this!

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Animated Map Now Available

As promised, the animated version is now available here. A few quick points:

  1. GitHub pages does a lot of caching to make sure their sites remain fast. If you went on the site before I added the animated map you may not see the link. To fix this, clear your cache.
  2. About two-thirds of the way through the animation the map goes blank. Best I can tell this is just because the map is being overwhelmed with updates to it’s data. Likewise when you try to run the animation through a separate time. Just refresh the page and it will sort itself out, but there’s still quite a few frames that don’t show. Will find a fix in the morning.
  3. No, I don’t have a gif. I wish I did, but I’m not uploading 220 frames to a gif generator… sorry 🙃

Animation is now fixed and runs mostly smooth throughout. Also added an extra few hours of data. Enjoy!

As with last time, you may need to clear your cache for it to work


Nice,Thanks for sharing this beautiful Heatmap!

Do u see this small red color in Australia, here @MalaysiaAirlinesVA was 🙂!


Very cool work! Lots of thought went into this from what I read in the blog and it’s very interesting to see! Thanks for sharing!

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Seeing this has officially made me depressed 😭


1 week heatmap, animation, and chart now available. Here’s the heatmap.

Everything remains on GitHub and if anyone wants the original dataset to make other visualisations, just DM me.

This will be the final update to this site for now, thanks for everyone’s support ❤️


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