24 hour trial for planes

Hey guys hope your well. I’ve been thinking that we should have a free trial for the planes in infinite flight. I’m not saying global because ApArEnTLy it costs “money” to run the global. Atleast we can try the planes. Also when I first decided to suck it up and buy global I was really impressed by the selection of planes I have. But soon later I realized that many of these planes were no good at all. Like the 773 no wing flex or gear tilt. Not even an animated cockpit. Just a picture slapped on and there ya go there’s 13.49 CAD for you.I’m getting this idea from xplane where you could get a 24hour free trial from sharing the plane and game. Vote for it if you agree!

I do not understand this request.

Of course it cost money to build global.
Are you blaming on IF because the planes, you should be grateful for all IF LLC do, keep in mind they are a small team that had created a huge multiplayer mode, had mapped the world scenery in HD…

I do not catch the point of this


Yes is does cost a lot of money for IF to host server for us to play, and yes some airplanes aren’t the best quality but things are being fixed and the game is gets better every update and for them to be able to continue to improve the product thing just can’t be free. I do think it would be cool to offer a 24-48hr trial of global.


To be able to test the planes before buying it

Yes indeed. Make sure to vote if possible

Please vote in the existing topic